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Chicago Bears free agency 2014: Could Alex Mack be targeted by Chicago?

Four of five OL positions were changed for Chicago in 2013, with only Roberto Garza remaining from the previous year. Garza is due to be a Free Agent... Could the Bears take a look at Alex Mack?


Before the 2009 NFL Draft, one of the names that showed up on a lot of Chicago Bears fans' radars was University of California offensive lineman Alex Mack, but without a 1st round draft pick, there was no way he was going to end up in Chicago.

The 6'4, 315 pound lineman was taken 21st overall by the Cleveland Browns, and has spent the last five seasons anchoring their offensive line, including two Pro Bowl selections.

Mack is due to be a free agent in 2014, and the best Center in the NFL has reportedly decided to test the market.

One thing we know: Mack is going to get paid. Another team that could be targeting Mack is the Jacksonville Jaguars, and as Alfie Crow points out, he could be looking at a larger contract than Ryan Khalil just signed.

The more likely scenario however is that Mack hits the open market and looks for a contract similar to, but probably more than, the one that Ryan Khalil recently signed with the Carolina Panthers, which amounted to six-years for roughly $49 million with $19 million guaranteed.

The Bears will have plenty of cap space for 2014 once they make some expected cuts (Phil Emery has stated he will be looking to get younger on both sides of the ball, and right now there are some pretty expensive veterans on the roster), but do you think there is a legitimate chance they could make a play for Mack?

We know Emery values the offensive line a lot more than his predecessor Jerry Angelo, as can be evidenced by upgrading four of five positions before last season. Garza is the lone holdover from the old regime, and is also due to be a free agent.