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Poll of the Day: Do you think Josh McCown will return to the Bears?

Yesterday on ESPN 1000 in Chicago, Josh McCown told Waddle and Silvy that he would like to remain in Chicago. That's one side of the equation down, but will Bears GM Phil Emery make it happen?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

You may have heard it last night, or maybe you woke up to the news from The Bears Den, but Chicago Bears backup quarterback Josh McCown says that his "heart is in Chicago."

McCown was fantastic filling in for Jay Cutler last season. He showed poise, athleticism and heady play, in throwing for 1,829 yards in just five starts and parts of three other games. His 109.0 passer rating and 13-1 TD-INT ratio was awesome, but for as good as he was on the field he was equally as impressive off.

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He continually stressed "team", he shied away from away QB controversy, he was about as good a teammate that you can ask for, and he prepared himself to be a starter even on weeks he was the backup.

McCown from ESPN;

"If an opportunity does come along to start, where is that team? What kind of team is that? It's hard to leave a team, especially as a quarterback, in an offensive structure that we have and are building with the pieces that we have. So it's not so cut and dry that this team will give you an opportunity to be a starter so let's go there. I think it's weighing what all is there and what that opportunity entails. It's going to have to look really good for me to go someplace else because my heart is in Chicago and that is where I want to be."

He clearly has found an offense and a locker room that he has comfort with, but is that enough to keep him a Bear?

Josh McCown will have a chance to test the market, but he made it clear that he prefers to stay in Chicago.

Phil Emery has made it clear that he would like McCown to return to Chicago.

Now these two just have to come together and make it happen.

What do you think?