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This must be a joke, Green Bay's Eddie Lacy over Chicago's Matt Forte on the 2013 All Pro Team

We demand a recount. We need an immediate explanation on how Matt Forte was left off the NFL All Pro Team for 2013. What stings even more, is the player he was snubbed for is a Green Bay Packer with lesser credentials.

David Banks

If this is a joke, we sure as Hell aren't laughing.

This stinks of the typical National Media disrespect that has surrounded our beloved Bears for quite some time now.

Chicago Bears Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte was kept off the 2013 All Pro Team, as voted on by the AP. If you even care, here's the full team. Here's the text that accompanied the list.

The Associated Press announced their starters and second team for the All-Pro team Friday, as determined by 50 AP voters. These are the designations that are given extra weight when Hall of Fame voting comes up. It's the best historical indication of what players truly dominated their positions.

I'd like to know which of the 50 Jackwaggons voted for Green Bay Packers rookie back Eddie Lacy over Chicago's über talented Matt Forte. You want to talk about dominant, Forte DOMINATED Lacy in just about every possible category, and his exclusion on the All Pro Team renders said team null and void.

Here's the rushing stat lines for Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy and Chicago Bears tailback Matt Forte.

Matt Forte 289 1,339 4.6 9
Eddie Lacy 284 1,178 4.1 11

I suppose the AP voters were blinded by the whopping two more touchdowns that Lacy had over Forte.

Let us peruse the receiving totals for each player.

Receiving REC YDS AVG TD
Matt Forte 74 594 8.0 3
Eddie Lacy 35 257 7.3 0

There's the domination the AP voters must have been talking about, only the idiotic voters must not have realized it was Forte that wiped the floor with Lacy.

We'll jump over to the total touches and all purpose yards category, but unless my math is poor, I'm guessing Forte is gonna kick Lacy's ass in this one too.

Matt Forte 363 1,933 5.3 12
Eddie Lacy 319 1,435 4.5 11

You've gotta be kidding me.

The Superfans rest our case.

We'll leave you with this.

Attention AP voters,

Please turn in your NFL card immediately if you truly believe that Eddie Lacy deserved to be named All Pro over Matt Forte. Then after you turn your card in, you should strip down to your skivvies and jump into Lake Michigan.