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Windy City Gridiron Stream Talks Jay Cutler and Other Contracts

Our now-weekly stream breaks down the new contract extensions for Jay Cutler, Tim Jennings and Matt Slauson, as well as discusses the end of the Bears' season and a bit of the playoff picture.

Jonathan Daniel

So, what's up guys? Did anything happen this week?

The first week of the Bears' offseason brought forth a lot of developments, the biggest of which being Jay Cutler's new seven-year contract. Not to mention the new contracts for Tim Jennings and Matt Slauson, a possible new defensive alignment and other great nuggets from the Phil Emery and Marc Trestman end-of-year press conference.

We'll be talking about that and a lot more on the Windy City Gridiron Stream today. It'll be just me today, so I'll share my thoughts on the new contracts and other possible developments as well as getting a little bit into the playoffs. If you have comments, questions, concerns, insults, or anything like that, you can reach me here in these WCG comments (Yes, the stream now gets its own dedicated post, which is awesome), via my Twitch channel at, or on my Twitter, over at @SJS_illini.

Otherwise, here's the stream, and enjoy!

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If the above video fails to work or load, this link here will put you right to the saved video on my Twitch channel.