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WCG Pick 'Em: (2013) The Conclusion

It's been a fun year with the first complete season of Windy City Gridiron Pick 'Em. We rolled through 17 weeks of the NFL season, but all good things come to an end, or so they say...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to announce the winners of the 2013 WCG Pick 'Em Contest:


Kev pretty much dominated the writer's contest this year, leading the pack since around week 8 of the regular season. He now joins Dane (2012) as a WCG: Pick 'Em Writer's Champion. Not that he needs his head biggered, but let's all congratulate Kev (aka Kev H, aka Just Kev, aka Captain Jack Von BanHammer) on his new title.

Final Staff Results:
1 166-89 Kev
T2 163-92 Lester, Spongie*
T4 159-96 Ronk, Taylor
6 154-101 Sam
7 153-102 Steven
8 148-107 Dane
9 147-108 Hess

*Note: Last year, Spongie picked every game by the flip of a coin. This year, he used Ditka's picks. Based on the results, we now know that: Ditka > Money, Lester = Ditka, and Ditka < Kev.


A gigantic huzzah goes out Ditka's Stache. He now joins LostinSTL as a WCG: Pick 'Em Community Champion. He was the second one to get his picks in... and (as was the case last year) would have lost all of the tiebreakers... yet pulled out an impressive 13 win week to claim the trophy. All the peppermints this year go to Ditka's Stache. As promised, you will receiving something nice from us, so email me your information and we'll send you a nice goodie bag of stuff here in the near future.

Final Community Results:
1 13-3 Ditka's Stache
2 12-4 stellarpete
3 10-6 BearDownSoHard
4 N/A Serpentiz (never submitted picks)

That's it for this year's WCG Pick 'Em. It's time to hang up our cleats, hit the relaxation button for a while, maybe get a few mental reps in here and there as we get our bodies and minds prepared for next season. Thanks for playing. Drive home safely. Beep Beep.