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Chicago Bears sign speedster Teddy Williams, waive Terrell Manning

The Chicago Bears make a change on the 53-man roster, signing Teddy Williams off the Arizonal Cardinals' practice squad and waiving Terrell Manning.

Christian Petersen

The Chicago Bears may be four games into the season but, as we've come to appreciate, you can't slow down Phil Emery's work ethic.  Just 24 hours after a roster move shaking up the kick returner role, with the re-re-signing of Chris Williams, the Bears' official twitter announced yet another transaction:

Quoi? Some of the reporters covering the Bears fleshed out what we know about Teddy Williams, who's listed as a cornerback:

ESPN's Jeff Dickerson has a little more on Fast Teddy here; key points are:

Williams came into the league with the Dallas Cowboys in 2010 and spent the majority of that season and 2011 on the team’s practice squad.

Williams (6-foot-1, 207 pounds) played in 10 games over two seasons with Indianapolis (2012) and Arizona (2013), contributing on offense at receiver, on defense at cornerback and on special teams

Williams has one tackle and one catch in those 10 games, and you can see that 51-yard reception for the Arizona Cardinals on here.

It's hard to know what to make of this signing right now - obviously he's still a fairly raw prospect, and it's unclear as to exactly what role he's going to have on the team - but we know Phil values athleticism and versatility, and Williams appears to have the former and at least the potential for the latter.  What do you make of the move?