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Chicago Bears in a word: Flirtatious

Marshall Faulk wants to know one word that describes the Chicago Bears. What would you say?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When a football team has high preseason aspirations, and touts so much change and improvement throughout their roster, seeing them start the season 2-3, and getting their butts whipped along the way, can elicit a lot of different responses.

The Chicago Bears are in just that type of situation, and it was quite unexpected. Surprisingly, the defense has shown significant improvements over last season, but the consistency game to game hasn't been there.

On the other side of the ball, same story. The stats look nice on paper, but the consistency is obviously lacking. Marc Trestman's high-powered system seemingly bogged down, especially after opposing defenses make their halftime adjustments.

So the one word I chose to describe Chicago at this point in the season: Flirtatious.

They've got the weapons, and certainly injuries have hampered their overall progress, but the results are missing.  It's like finding the perfect mate in life-- good-looking, smart, stable, funny- only to have them constantly doing things to make you wonder if you've made the right decision.

Will the Bears do more than simply look sexy on paper for the rest of the season, or will they figure out a way to somehow stabilize and get it together?

Stay tuned...

In a word, how would you describe the Chicago Bears at this point in the season? Bonus points for being creative.

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