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Battle of the quarterbacks: Jay Cutler vs Matt Ryan

Sunday could end up being a big day for both Jay Cutler and Matt Ryan. But who will have the bigger day?

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A quick look at this season's stats for Falcons' quarterback Matt Ryan and Bears QB Jay Cutler:

Passing yards-

Ryan: 2nd (1,579)

Cutler 8th (1,295)

Passing TD's-

Ryan: 6th-tie (11)

Cutler: 2nd-tie (12)

Comp %

Ryan: 13th (66%)

Cutler: 6th (68.1%)


Ryan: 11th (96.4)

Cutler: 13th (94.9)


On paper, each quarterback looks almost interchangeable. Most of their major statistical categories are dead even, each has thrown 6 interceptions, but Ryan has been sacked half the amount of times that Cutler has (6 for Ryan and 12 for Cutler).

We don't like to create a QB vs QB scenario for football games, but strictly from a fantasy/stats perspective, who do you think will end up having the better game? They've each got dangerous weapons to throw to, and a running game that could be a nice compliment, so in theory each of the two quarterbacks facing off in Atlanta could have a great day.

If you're in a situation where you have to start one quarterback over the other, who do you go with on Sunday?

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