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Chicago Bears vs Atlanta Falcons: NFL Week 6 Pre-Party Open Thread

NFL Week 6 is here, and that means the Bears are in Atlanta to take on the Falcons for a shot at 3-3. Come get ready for the game with us!

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Streeter Lecka

The Bears head to Atlanta to take on the Falcons this week, and in a way it's a reunion with several members of the Bears of years past - starting tackle Gabe Carimi, punt returner/kick returner/wide receiver Devin Hester, special teamer Eric Weems, and former offensive line coach and offensive coordinator Mike Tice. As well as probably a couple others I'm missing.

The Falcons have had a weird run of it. They put up fifty on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, before allowing 41 and 30 to the Vikings and Giants, respectively, on their way to falling to 2-3. The Falcons have a top set of skill position players in Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Steven Jackson, and a defense that hasn't contributed much in 2014.

Of course, we know things haven't been all that sun-shiny over in Bears-land with the navy and orange. The offensive line's suffered as many injuries as the Falcons' has, they may barely start a linebacking corps, and they have only gotten defensive pressure on an "every so often" basis. Both teams are beaten up and flawed - the question becomes which team overcomes their flaws and injuries enough to take control of the game and push the other to 2-4.


From the Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. Department of Self Promotion:

I'll start off by reminding everyone there's no WCG Sunday Livestream this week. We'll return with it next week.

In the mean time, I've got my PTMY, the TV Post, as well as the Six-Pack of Keys to Victory.

In our tape-study department, we have Lester's breakdown of the Jay Cutler to Alshon Jeffery Jeffery TDSackwatch of Week 5, and Ronkowski's look at Matt Forte in the passing game.

Sam talks about the last couple Bears' adventures in Atlanta, and their need to get over it.

Lester also has the injury report for this week. It's not pretty.

Kev has five questions. The Falcoholic provided five answers.

Dane offered some fantasy advice between Jay Cutler and Matt Ryan. He also asked, are the Bears just a flirt?

For everything else, Spongie's got the always-excellent Weekend Bears Den up and updated again, which makes that the one spot you should check for anything Bears related. Skip everything else. Go ahead.

Propers for the day for a late game include an early-game thread for the early set, with the first quarter thread posting right at 3:25 PM CT, with subsequent threads posting as the game goes on. After the game, we'll have a quick recap and the Sunday night game, with Notes coming up on Monday morning.

With the propers out of the way: Bear Down.

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