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NFL Week 6 Early Games Open Thread: NFC North Watch

While we wait for the Chicago Bears to kick off at 3pm CT, join us below as we keep an eye on the rest of the NFC North.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

If all goes well today, the entire NFC North will be sitting at 3-3 after Week 6.

The Green Bay Packers travel to Miami today to take on the Dolphins (2-2) and the Minnesota Vikings (2-3) play host to the Detroit Lions (3-2).

The full list of early games is as follows:

- Jaguars at Titans

- Ravens at Bucs

- Broncos at Jets

- Lions at Vikings

- Patriots at Bills

- Panthers at Bengals

- Steelers at Browns

- Packers at Dolpins

Of course, worst-case scenario for the Bears would be to lay an egg in Atlanta while having the Lions and Packers both win during the early games. But we won't think about that, because a 2-4 start to this season would not be a very pleasant thought.

Let us know what your thoughts are on today's early games below.

This is your NFL Week 6 Early Games Open Thread... Have fun!