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Chicago Bears vs Atlanta Falcons Final Score: Bears dominate Falcons 27-13 in Atlanta

The Bears pulled off a huge upset in Atlanta Sunday afternoon. Can they sustain that momentum and finally compete in the NFC North?

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Scott Cunningham

Going into Atlanta this Sunday, the Chicago Bears were under a lot of scrutiny... both externally from the fans and internally from the coaching and management staff.

They took the field Sunday versus the Falcons banged up, mostly on defense, but managed to pull off an impressive upset in a Georgia Dome that was often times a pro-Bears crowd.

We'll have more analysis tomorrow, but for now, some quick stats:

Jay Cutler 26/38, 381 yds, 1 TD, 0 INT, 109.6 rating

Matt Forte 17 rushes, 80 yds, 2 TD | 10 rec, 77 yds

Brandon Marshall 6 rec, 113 yds

Alshon Jeffery 5 rec, 136 yds

Matt Ryan 19/37, 271 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT, 73.1 rating

Steven Jackson 6 rushes, 25 yds


The Packers almost lost in Miami today, but Aaron Rodgers did what he does and threw a last-minute touchdown to bring the Packers up to 4-2 in the NFC North, matching the Detroit Lions who beat the Vikings.

The Bears now sit at 3-3, and have two more games before the Bye: at home versus Miami and on the road against the red-hot Patriots.

What were your thoughts on the game today, and do you see the Bears being able to make a run at the division this year?

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