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Charles Tillman feels he can play two more years

Recently Charles Tillman sat down with the Monday Morning Quarterback to discuss a number of things. One of which is his desire to play two more seasons in the NFL. Would you like to see the Chicago Bears bring him back?

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Charles Tillman understands his place in the NFL and with the Chicago Bears. He realizes that at 33 and with a 2nd consecutive season lost because of injury that his time is nearing an end. Even though he'd like to play a couple more years in the, he's OK if it's not as a Bear.

Here's what Peanut said after tearing his triceps a second time.

My first thought was, I gotta come back stronger than ever. You look at how Mariano Rivera tore his ACL. He was just out shagging balls. Fluke injury. Looking at how I did mine, Kaepernick scrambling-I try to push him and it just snaps. My thought was, I just want to get healthy first. Once I get healthy, then I'll make my decision. There's so much emotion. I was trying to keep composure. I'm on TV and I don't want to be on TV crying. I want to support my teammates. It's a strange feeling.

Here's what he said when asked about playing in 2015 and about how much longer he feels he has.

Rehab is going well. I feel good. Ultimately it will be about getting cleared and then thinking about what I want to do.

...Maybe two years? Max? That'd be awesome ... if my body were able to hold up.

Go check out the full interview by clicking here. Tillman touches on why he chose to stay in Chicago, his thoughts on social media, who was his toughest cover, his family, his charity and more.

Would you like to see Tillman finish out his career in Chicago?

Do you think he can play at a high enough level warrant a new deal?