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Late game heroics: Is Cutler consistent enough to trust?

Late in the game with one drive left, has Jay Cutler and his offense earned your trust?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This week the Chicago Bears face off against the Miami Dolphins, and we're looking at the possibility of Jay Cutler and his offense driving down the field late in the 4th quarter for the go-ahead score.

Miami's defense has been inconsistent in 4th quarters this season, giving up 10 points to the Packers, 7 to the Raiders, 13 to the Chiefs, 6 to the Bills, and 0 to the Patriots.

On the other hand, the Bears 4th quarter offense has been equally as inconsistent. They scored 0 points against the Bills, 21 against the 49ers, 3 against the Jets, 0 against the Packers, 0 against the Panthers, and 8 against the Falcons.

Jay Cutler had a great game last week on the road against Atlanta, and was able to rejuvenate both fans and critics' opinions of his abilities, but was it enough to really gain anyone's trust late in the 4th quarter if the game was on the line?

Consistency has not been Cutler's strong suit, but we know he is mentally and athletically as capable as any quarterback in the league... if the game is on the line, do you trust him? Specifically, this week against the Dolphins?

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