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Bears vs. Dolphins 1st Quarter Live Blog Open Thread

The Dolphins come to town as the Bears look for their first home W.

Total Bros, bros.
Total Bros, bros.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins: 0

Chicago Bears: 0

The Miami Dolphins dropped a heartbreaker to the Green Bay Packers last week, while the Bears strode to a confident win in Atlanta.

Each team looks to set the path for the rest of their season in today's game, as a Dolphins loss would put them in a situation that will be tough to come out of.  The Bears need a big win to keep pace with current divisional rivals Detroit and GB.

We have, of course, been your spot for news all week, so if you're looking to read something during the extreme amount of downtime that an NFL game provides, look no further than our game story stream. You can fit it by clicking right here.

If you're wondering what kind of shenanigans the Dolphins have been up to, make sure to check out our friends over at The Phinsider, who cover the Dolphins like no one else is willing to.