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Chicago Bears vs. Miami Dolphins 3rd Quarter Live Blog Open Thread

The Dolphins are dominating the Bears after one half of the game. Can we please inject some of Jeremiah Ratliff's get-up-and-go into the rest of the team?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins 14
Chicago Bears 0

Welp, that was a forgettable first half for the Bears.  Unfortunately, the scores carry over.

There's still a half of football to go, but the defense needs to do something to stop Ryan Tannehill from looking like Dan Marino in the pocket, and the offense needs to do... something, anything.  Two first downs and 54 total yards.  That's all we've managed in the first half.  The Dolphins have 14 first downs and 209 yards.

The Bears do still have time to turn it around to pull off their first home win of the year, but it got that much more difficult.

Open thread responsibly!