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The Chicago Bears are the top selling team in jersey sales this week by a wide margin

According to Dick's Sporting Goods, no team has sold more NFL jerseys in the last week than the Chicago Bears. Bears' fans, say it loud, say it proud, 'We're Number One! We're Number One! We're Number One!"

David Banks

Dick's Sporting Goods released a map of the top-selling jersey in each state and the Chicago Bears not only reign in their home state of Illinois, but also their neighbors to the west, Iowa.

Besides the top-selling jersey map above, Dick's revealed that the Chicago Bears blew away the competition in sales for the week.

The top selling jersey overall was from Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Chicago placed three other players in the top 20. Quarterback Jay Cutler was 7th, running back Matt Forte was 11th and wide out Alshon Jeffery was 18th.

No other team placed even three players in the top 20. The Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles were the only teams to even place two.

For the entire season, the Bears still only trail the Cleveland Browns for the overall top spot, but 1st place is in reach. Johnny Manziel has helped boost the Browns' sales, but if he remains on the bench, his sales may wane.

What are your thoughts on the Bears being #1 and on the team sales map above?