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Chicago to be host city for 2015 NFL Draft, according to Chicago Bears and league source

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It's yet to be confirmed by the NFL, but not long ago the Chicago Bears tweeted the following:

Rand Getlin of Yahoo Sports also says the same thing, having heard it from a league source.  Los Angeles had been the other main contender for host city.

Chase Goodbread of, reporting earlier in the day, mentions that the league hasn't given up on the notion of extending it to a four-day event (which, if you recall, brought tears of joy to fans aroundabout draft time earlier this year) but have decided to keep it to just the three for 2015.

The NFL is not expected to confirm this decision until it formally announces the host city at its Fall League Meeting in New York next week.

Whaddya think, Bears fans in and around Chicago?  Will you consider attending in person?  Bonus question: If you do go, what would you do/wear to reprazent WCG, yo?

Force of habit: Article pic in hi-res.