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The Bears Den: October 20, 2014 - Chicago Bears vs Miami Dolphins news & reaction

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team!

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Jonathan Daniel

Poor 1st half puts Bears in hole they can't dig out of - Rich Campbell: The talent is there and the offense has shown flashes of putting it all together, but stretches like Sunday's first half torpedo the momentum, presenting such questions as why Matt Forte carried the ball only twice before halftime.

Tannehill carves up Mel Tucker’s men through the air, on the ground - Mark Potash: The Bears’ inability to contain Ryan Tannehill and the zone-read was an ominous sign for a defense with a suddenly heavier burden than anticipated this season.

For Trestman, it’s not just about a broken Offense anymore - Adam Hoge: On top of dealing with questions about the Bears' preparedness and why their best offensive player only gets two carries in the first half, now Trestman is going to be severely tested in his ability to hold a team together.

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Chicago Bears 14, Miami Dolphins 27

Game report - ( Tannehill threw for 277 yards and two TDs, and the Dolphins got back on track with a 27-14 victory over the listless Bears on Sunday [with Video highlights].

Game report -'s situational updates from the field as they unfolded during the Bears' 27-14 loss against the Dolphins at Soldier Field.  Larry Mayer's pregame Q&As.

Bears winless, lifeless at home; turnovers give Dolphins victory - Patrick Finley: What kind of team goes 3-1 on the road and 0-3 at home? Certainly not a good one.

Bears look listless in loss to Dolphins - James Neveau: The Bears had a huge win last week, but the momentum completely evaporated early as the Dolphins seized a 27-14 win on Sunday afternoon.

Bears come out flat, remain winless at home - Not-Hub Arnold: Another Sunday at Soldier Field. Another forgettable performance by the Bears.

Bears revert to bad ways in stunning loss to Dolphins - Scott Krinch:  Just when you thought the Bears had turned the corner after last week's throttling of the Falcons, the Bears reverted back to their "Jekyll-and-Hyde" tendencies.

Rapid Reaction - Michael C. Wright with a few thoughts on the Bears' loss to the Dolphins: Inability to win at home is especially concerning since they play five of the last seven at Soldier Field.

Game review - Jeff Dickerson with five things we learned in the Bears' loss to Miami. Is Brandon Marshall upset the Bears are 3-4, or is he upset he's fourth on the team with 31 catches?

Bears defense looks flummoxed in big moments - Dan Wiederer: For the second time this season, the Bears went without a takeaway. They also allowed Ryan Tannehill to post a 123.6 rating, more than 44 points higher than his career rating entering the day.

Ratliff a sad sacker - Joe Aguilar: Neither the lumberjack-thick, curly beard, nor the smeared eye black that blended in with his wild whiskers masked a smile on Jeremiah Ratliff's face. There was none, only disappointment.

Tannehill, Dolphins have rhythm, Bears don't - Fred Mitchell: The Bears' offense clearly was out of sync for most of Sunday's loss to the Dolphins, while Ryan Tannehill did a number on the out-of-step Bears.

[Video] ESPN - Jeff Dickerson and the extremely creepy Jon Greenberg break down the Bears' loss to the Dolphins.

[Video] ESPN - Merril Hoge breaks down the Dolphins' 27-14 win over the Bears.

[Video] View from the Moon - Moon Mullin and Jen Lada on Bears' latest home loss.

[Video] Postgame Live - Veteran team should be self-starters.

Bears frustrated as Offense struggles

Turnovers continue to plague offense - Michael C. Wright: The contradictory statements about playcalling and slight locker room friction underscore the dysfunction seemingly taking hold of the Bears just a week after a road win in Atlanta.  Dan Durkin: Only four run plays called in first half.

Bears' offense out to lunch all day in ugly loss - Bob LeGere: The inconsistent, ineffective, unproductive offense on display Sunday at Soldier Field was not what the Bears envisioned in the second year under Marc Trestman.  Not-Hub Fishbain: Another home loss, another costly interception.

These Bears are a fine mess - Mike Imrem: The Bears' presumed mean, mean scoring machine is supposed to outscore opponents, hasn't often enough this season, and didn't come close to doing so against Miami.

[Video] ESPN - Michael C. Wright breaks down Brandon Marshall calling out Jay Cutler for not getting him the ball enough; thinks the Bears are still confident in their QB.

Marshall calls loss 'unacceptable' - Michael C. Wright: Frustration boiled over inside the Bears locker room Sunday, but it's not out of the ordinary for Brandon Marshall to strongly voice his opinion to Jay Cutler, as the two are close friends off the field.

Marshall calls Bears' 3-4 record 'unacceptable' - Brad Biggs: The Bears' problems are multiple, and the offense continues to underperform for an offensive coach in Marc Trestman who was hired because he was the man who would mesh with Cutler.

Accepting the 'unacceptable - Jon Greenberg: The truth hurts, but Brandon Marshall's rant speaks to the truth of the Bears' 'unacceptable' 3-4 record.

Bears snap, start to snipe after humbling loss - Rick Morrissey: Would it be safe to assume that this isn’t the atmosphere of "respect and humility’’ that Marc Trestman is trying create?  Chris Emma: Bears much closer to unraveling than finding their identity.

Bears can’t hold in their emotions after ‘unacceptable’ loss - Adam L. Jahns: The Bears’ offense was clearly off with Cutler out of sync, and players went off in the locker room afterward. The question is, how long will any tension last? Moon Mullin: Locker room tightness might be tested soon, and often.

Bears' growing dysfunction starts with Trestman - David Haugh: No good excuse exists for Forte having two first-half carries, and a coach concerned about the league catching up to him now must worry about his team tuning him out.

Bears debacle on Trestman - Dan Bernstein: Sunday was another daytime loss at home that included too many turnovers and not enough points. That’s not an anomaly anymore, but a disturbing pattern.

Undependable Cutler at his most maddening in loss - Rick Telander: Everything is awful.

[Video] Postgame Live - Jim Miller: "These guys know deep down that they only showed up for 30 minutes."

If this were clown college, Bears offense would earn Ph.D.s - Steven Rosenbloom: The only thing that looked as bad as the Bears offense was the Park District's idea of turf.

Bad Bears open door to more criticism - Barry Rozner: Back at a game under .500, it would not be shocking to see the Bears win again on the road next week after another awful offensive performance at home.

Kyle Long criticizes fans for booing home team - Jeff Dickerson: Kyle Long also didn't like the crowd's failure to make sufficient noise when Miami's offense faced third down.  Brad BiggsChallenges fans to be louder when the opponent is on offense.

[Video] ESPN - Jeff Dickerson breaks down Kyle Long criticizing fans at Soldier Field for booing the Bears, and why Brandon Marshall was unhappy after the game.

[Video] - Is-Hub Arkush and Not-Hub Fishbain break down what went wrong offensively during the Bears' loss at home to the Dolphins.

More from the game

10 16 Thoughts - Brad Biggs: Brandon Marshall is a big-time offensive producer, but the idea that one guy takes winning and losing more personally than 52 others doesn’t pass the smell test.

Time for the Bears to look in the mirror - Is-Hub Arkush: Could it be these Bears think too much of themselves and that just arriving at Soldier Field should be enough? Are they playing hard enough and giving 100 percent effort?

Game notes - Dan Wiederer: Jeremiah Ratliff's explosive first half overshadowed by Bears' woeful loss; defense's injury wave claims Kyle Fuller; Kyle Long unhappy with fans; Jared Allen flustered by lack of Q3 playing time; injury and game notes.

Game notes - Bob LeGere: Bears at a loss to explain 3-1 record in road games while going winless in three games at home; Cameron Wake a tough assignment for Jordan Mills; Jermon Bushrod lamenting lack of execution; more game and injury notes.

Game notes - Not-Hub Arkush: Defense regresses as surprising defensive stars from a week ago come crashing down to earth; Jordan Mills’ struggles continue; improvement from special teams; injury updates.

Game notes - Not-Hub Fishbain breaks down what worked, what didn't and the moments that mattered in Sunday's loss.

Game notes - Chris Emma: Soldier Field surface becomes problematic again; Bears’ run game goes quiet once more; Jeremiah Ratliff one of the few bright spots.

Bears quotes - with quotes from Bears players following Sunday's loss against the Dolphins.

View from the enemy - Scott Krinch: Score one for the little guys, as Dolphins' corners flip script on Bears ... Dolphins take advantage of 'risk taker' Cutler.

Bears schedule - Moon Mullin: Bears playoff hopes take major hit vs. Miami, elsewhere.

Photos - Courtesy of ... Daily Herald ... ... [Video] highlights from

Game grades

[Video] ESPN - Michael C. Wright's game ball goes to Jeremiah Ratliff, after a career-high 3.5 sacks in the first half and seven tackles.

[Video] Postgame Live - The panel pick their Monsters of the Midway.

Game grades - Jeff Dickerson hands 'em out for an ugly day for most of the team.

Moon Mullin's game grades: QB - RB - WR/TE - O-line - D-line - LB - DB - STs - coaching.


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