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NFL Power rankings: Where are the inconsistent, maddening and infuriating Chicago Bears this week?

We'll periodically peek in around the interwebs to see where the Chicago Bears are ranked in the eyes of the various Power Rankers out there. As you can imagine, the Bears are dropping...

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Lately when the Chicago Bears are driving national chatter it's usually not a good thing. They've only been to one playoff since their Super Bowl loss in 2006, and that playoff defeat was as crushing a loss as SBXLI. Being a Bears fan hasn't been very fun lately.

Their locker room melt down after the loss on Sunday made national news, their inconsistent play this season has been a national point of discussion, and it seems everyone wants to take a shot at the sinking ship and their head coach Marc Trestman.

Over at SB Nation, they moved the Bears to 20th in their Power Ranking and Niners Nation has Chicago at 21.

They have an interesting spin on the Power Rankings over at Arrowhead Pride. They ranked teams in relation to the Kansas City Chiefs and they feel the 3-4 Bears are similar to the 3-3 Chiefs.

The Mile High Report has the Bears 19th.

Record 3-3. Oh man, I called it. Jay Cutler wilts on the football field as a favorite. The Chicago Bears are beginning to learn what Broncos fans already know. That Cutler lacks an ability to perform when he is expected to perform. Even his teammates are beginning to call it like they see it. Unacceptable. Fortunately, the Bears are going into New England to face the Patriots ... which means the Bears are probably going to win next week! So deal with it!

Oh man he called it!

The Philadelphia Eagles site, Bleeding Green Nation has it like this.

18) Chicago Bears (LW: 15) - The Bears are 0-3 at home now after dropping a game to the Dolphins. Apparently there were locker room issues following the team's loss. Chi-town looks mediocre.

Over at Cincy Jungle they have Chicago 21st.

I think Brandon Marshall wanted to encourage Jay Cutler after the game, but it came out sounding like "Do your damn job!"

The Shutdown Corner of Yahoo Sports has it like so.

20. Chicago Bears (3-4, LW: 16)
The Bears' offensive rankings: 17th in yards per game, 17th in yards per play, 18th in points scored. With all those weapons to work with, that's hard to comprehend

CBS Sports' Pat Kirwan has it like this.

21. Bears (15): A hard team to believe in and now the Bears are fighting in the locker room. Jay Cutler is hot and cold and the defense is inconsistent.

And his cohort Pete Prisco has the Bears 19th.

We thought the defense would struggle, but what happened to the offense against the Dolphins? The locker room fighting won't help.

The USA Today has a brilliant idea.

Maybe the Bears should volunteer to relocate to London because winning in Chicago has become foreign to them.

They moved the Bears down 5 to 19.

What are your thoughts this week?