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Brian Urlacher says Jay Cutler is paid like an elite QB, but he's doesn't play like one

Lately when ever Brian Urlacher is in the news, it spells trouble for the Chicago Bears. Earlier today he was on Chicago's The Game 87.7 talking about the current state of the Bears.

Larry Busacca

Even though former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher left his job at FOX Sports, he still finds a way to let his voice be heard about the Bears.

Earlier today he was on The Game 87.7 dishing on a number of Bears topics, one of which is quarterback Jay Cutler.

Just one day after Chicago G.M. Phil Emery said this of Cutler;

Jay Cutler is a winning quarterback in this league and no matter how you analyze the history of quarterbacks in the NFL, if you have a winning record you are an elite player at that position.

Urlacher chimed in with this assessment of Jay while on the Kap and Haugh show;

"We say it every year how talented Jay is, how much talent he has, but the NFL is not a talent contest. It's a winning contest. You want to win football games, that's what it comes down to.

"If your quarterback can't make plays in certain situations for you to win games, he's not getting the job done."

The Bears are 3-4 this season, but overall Cutler has a 42-32 record as the starter in Chicago. I'm not a big proponent of stating a QBs wins as a sign of success, but if that's Emery's definition of elite, that's his prerogative.

Urlacher added;

"If your quarterback can't make plays in certain situations for you to win games, he's not getting the job done," he said. "You look at the Bradys, the Mannings, the Rodgerses, the Breeses. Those guys win every year. Even with no one around them. [Aaron] Rodgers has no offensive line, he wins. [Tom] Brady has no receivers, he wins.

"You look at Jay, he's got Brandon [Marshall], Alshon [Jeffery], Matt [Forte] and a great offensive line, Martellus Bennett and they can't seem to put it together for some reason. I'm not sure if it's his fault, but for some reason they can't seem to figure it out."

I've made my feelings on Cutler know here -- Jay Cutler is what he is -- so I don't understand the constant back-and-forth over his play, nor do I get mentioning him in the same breath as those obviously elite quarterbacks.

And speaking of "elite", Urlacher had thoughts on that too.

"Financially, he is one of the elite guys in the NFL ... he just hasn't produced like an elite quarterback,"

He goes on to talk about the locker room blow up, how it would have gone in the Lovie era and more. Check out the articles I liked above and go check out the full audio from The Game.

Your thoughts on Urlacher's comments?