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Chicago Bears vs New England Patriots 1st Quarter Open Thread

We've analyzed it all week long, and now it's time to settle in for the Bears' final game before the Bye. Join us below for live updates and instant analysis of today's Bears vs Patriots game!


In case you missed it earlier, an unfortunate stat:

We won't call this a Super Bowl curse, but having not beaten the New England Patriots in the last 14 years, and only once since Super Bowl XX, is not a pretty stat to carry around on your shoulders.

However, the Chicago Bears have been just volatile enough this season to potentially upset a Patriots team that has shown vulnerability... Or they could get smashed by that same Patriots team that has been on a roll since their Week 4 loss versus the Chiefs.

We know the Bears are struggling with injuries, and we know that the locker room might be a bit tense right now-- but that doesn't take away the fact that Chicago is still lining up today with just as talented a roster as most teams in the league, especially on offense.

Can they pull one off on the road in Foxborough? Stay tuned...

This is your 1st Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!