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Chicago Bears fans on Twitter really want to fire Mel Tucker really badly

Chicago Bears fans on Twitter want to fire Mel Tucker. Well, they want to fire everyone, including Marc Trestman and Jay Cutler, but especially Mel Tucker.


It is almost to the point that if the Chicago Bears defense does anything on a play except cause a turnover or sack the quarterback, Twitter folk want to fire Mel Tucker.

Granted, at the time of this writing, the Bears were losing 17-7, but the Fire Tucker tweets were flying fast and furious even after the excellent defensive stand late in the 1st quarter/ early 2nd that held the Patriots to a field goal.

Some people even want to fire Marc Trestman as well, and fire Jay Cutler. One guy wants to fire Tucker in the middle of the game, while another said he would pay for the plane ticket.

Can you imagine firing the head coach, defensive coordinator, and quarterback all in the middle of the season?

(We're not even going to PEEK at Facebook comments)...

And there are infinitely more...