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NFL Power Rankings: Just how bad are the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears are 3-5. The Green Bay Packers are up next, so the Bears will surely fall to 3-6. But then how does the schedule look after that? We'll take a look at the remaining teams of their schedule and predict an outcome based on the current NFL power rankings.

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Lets get this out of the way first...

Just how bad is it?

It's so bad that even those notoriously negative Jay Cutler Power Rankers, the Mile High Report, have shelved their anti-Jay agenda and are ripping on the Chicago Bears defense.

I'm actually going to defend Jay Cutler today, even though he screwed me over once again as I stupidly picked the Chicago Bears last week. Yeah, I'm a freaking moron. Anyway, back to Cutler. He is now getting compared to Jeff George, which might be accurate, but at the same time, two turnovers shouldn't equate to FIFTY-ONE POINTS. Seriously, start blaming your flucking defense and watch these games Bears fans, WATCH THEM.

This is truly one of the signs of an NFL Apocalypse.

They had the Bears at 23rd by the way.

Chicago is at 24 according to the Mothership, SB Nation and 24th according to Bleeding Green Nation.

The Bears look really bad. Chicago is 1-4 in their last five games with the one win coming over Atlanta. Third most points allowed in the league.

Over at FOX Sports they have Chicago 24th.

The Bears are in a downward spiral and it's now time to start questioning Marc Trestman after he left his starters in deep into the fourth quarter of a game that had already been decided.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports has the Bears 23rd.

This is a team in chaos right now. Can they turn it around? What has happened to the offense?

Yahoo's Shutdown Corner has the Bears at 22.

This is Bears defensive coordinator Mel Tucker's seventh season as a defensive coordinator, and his third with Chicago. In his first six seasons his defenses finished better than 23rd in yards allowed once and better than 24th in points allowed twice. So this year's ranking of 18th in yards allowed is an improvement! (The ranking of 29th in points allowed is not.)

Walter Football was the first site I could find that took at shot at Cutler. They have the Bears 24th.

If Jay Cutler doesn't care enough to play well, then I don't care enough to post anything about his crappy team.

Did I miss something about Cutler not wanting to play?

The New York Daily News is keeping it short and sweet...

25. (18) Bears (3-5): Bad news and getting worse every week.

I think that's enough Power Rankings for one day.

The Chicago Bears have eight more games remaining on their schedule, five of which are at home in Soldier Field. The prevailing thought was the the Bears needed to get through a tough road heavy first half, then feast in the second half on some home cooking. Yeah, that doesn't matter anymore. I have no idea why the Bears are 0 for home, but they are.

Let's take a look at their remaining schedule and predict how they'll do based on the current power rankings.

Week 10 - at (5-3) Green Bay - It's the Packers in Green Bay and even though the Bears have an extra week to prepare, so to do the Packers. LOSS

Week 11 - (3-5) Minnesota - The Vikings are ranked either a spot or two above or a spot or two below the Bears depending on the power ranker. I have to give this one to the Vikes because they've started to incorporate some read/option offense into their gameplan. LOSS

Week 12 - (1-6) Tampa Bay - Lovie Smith and the Bucs are one of the worst teams in the NFL. WIN

Week 13 - at (6-2) Detroit - The Lions on Thanksgiving... I just hope the Bears aren't embarrassed. LOSS

Week 14 - (6-2) Dallas - No one expected the Cowboys to be at 6 wins at this point in the season, but there they are. Even with a tough loss last night, they're still better that the Bears according to every NFL expert. LOSS

Week 15 - (3-4) New Orleans - The Saints have some problems, but they can still score points. They are ranked higher than the Bears according to just about every power ranker out there. LOSS

Week 16 - (6-2) Detroit - Yes, sad I know, but I see a Motown sweep on the horizon. LOSS

Week 17 - at (3-5) Minnesota - Two teams with not much to play for other than draft positioning. It seems like a Bears thing to do to win this one and cost themselves a few spots in the draft. WIN!

Looking at the current state of affairs with the Bears and the NFL, it's certainly possible that the Bears pull off an upset or two along the way, but you never can tell.

I have then ending up 5-11 this season.

What's your outlook?