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The Bears Den: November 10th, 2014

The 2014 Chicago Bears are bad and they should feel bad.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Den is a little shorter than others, on account of every single news story is more or less exactly the same: The 2014 Chicago Bears suck.

Right now feels like as good a time as any to remind you that the Den is not an open thread.  With that, enjoy the news:

Headline of the Day:

The Chicago Bears are dead. The Green Bay Packers killed them. | For The Win - The headline is actually a brilliant summation here. Even if no one is fired right now, there will likely be heads a rolling in January.

8:30 CST update - a new challenger is approaching!Randall Cobb said Packers knew Bears 'may lay down on us'

General Bears Badness:

Packers Bludgeon Bears 55-14 in Embarrassing Rout | NBC Chicago - Embarrassing, yes, but how 'bout that Chris Williams, eh?  Eh?  Ok...

Green Bay Packers Embarrass Lowly Chicago Bears In Laughable Rout | RantSports - I wonder, in situations like this, are all writers supposed to get together to make sure they don't use the same adjectives?

Green Bay Packers thrash hapless Chicago Bears on Aaron Rodgers' six first-half touchdowns - NFL - - If the Packers were interested, Rodgers probably could've scored 10 touchdowns, so six in the first half seems pretty ok?

Chicago Bears take pounding from Packers in Green Bay, lose 55-14 | - I am emotionally unable to come up with a quip after the 4th straight "Bears get destroyed link"

Reality check: 3-6 Bears are simply 'not good' | CSN Chicago - They're really not. They could've been, but something got in the way. That something feels like coaching at this point. Which is unfortunately, because at least half of the team had an arrow pointing up at the end of last season.

Julius Peppers feels bad for Bears after throttling in Green Bay | CSN Chicago - I call mularkey on this. You know he was happy and probably spent his locker room time doing discount double checks with Aaron Rodgers.

In must-win game, Bears embarrassed, walloped by Packers | CSN Chicago - And with this game goes the Bears chances of the postseason, a sad thing to say when there are seven games left, but 9-7 isn't buying you anything in this league this year.

Chicago Bears are so bad a complete overhaul isn't out of question - ESPN Chicago - As many of you know, I'll go down fighting with this team, but right now I'm not against as much an overhaul as is humanly possible.

Coaching-specific Badness:

Marc Trestman, Chicago Bears confounded by poor performance - ESPN Chicago - Well, you can't play offense, you can't play defense, you regularly start with the ball somewhere between the fifteen and the goalline...I'm not an expert but if Coach Trestman wants to have me up to Halas hall for a day or so we can probably figure some things out.

Cutler-specific Badness:

Miller: Ball was in harm's way all night because of Jay Cutler | CSN Chicago - I like this guy, but damn this stuff is absolutely indefensible.

Homer, on suckiness:

Lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more.