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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

NFL week 10 is in the books and I think it's safe to say that nine teams should already be looking forward to 2015. Go young and play for the future!

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

1) New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham feels he was the victim of an NBA worthy flop. Perrish Cox, San Francisco 49ers defensive back, feels he was the victim of a push off, The referees agreed with Cox and they called Graham for the offensive pass interference.

I actually agree with both of them. Graham does extend his arms, which is a definite no-no, but Cox sells it like Dolph Ziggler. (That reference is only for a few of you... You're Welcome.)

2) As much as the NFL has become a passing league, I really enjoy watching a team run the ball. The Seattle Seahawks set a franchise record with 350 yards on the ground. Marshawn Lynch was in full Beast Mode rushing for 140 yards and 4 touchdowns and quarterback Russell Wilson went for 107 on the ground.

What the read option is really clicking, it's like stealing yards.

3) Justin Bieber cursed the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's true. It's damn true.

4) This is what a good offensive lineman does when you try to get cute at the end of a game.


That's New York Jets center Nick Mangold giving Steeler safety Mike Mitchell a back body drop that would have made the Undertaker proud.

5) What an unfortunate turn of events for the Arizona Cardinals. Just two days after giving Carson Palmer a $50 milion extension, he tears his ACL and is lost for the season.

6) So 20 Dallas Cowboys missed curfew the Friday before their game with the Jacksonville Jaguars which was held in London, England. Why is there a curfew the Friday before a game anyway? I think you have to give these men the benefit of the doubt that they won't do something stupid and jeopardize their availability for the game.

And if a player is that stupid, he's gonna break whatever curfew's in place anyway.

7) It's 41-10 in the 3rd quarter, the Denver Broncos have the game well in hand. Time to get the back up QB ready for some mop up duty right?

Denver back up Brock Osweiler did eventually get in the game, playing the entire 4th quarter.

8) Raise your hand if you thought Mark Sanchez was gonna do that last night.

I'll toot my horn on that one.

I have a feeling that Mark Sanchez will parlay his next few games filling in at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles into a starting opportunity somewhere in 2015.

I never thought he was a good fit with the New York Jets. He'd flash here and there, but he just wasn't able to find any consistency. Now that he's with an offensive minded head coach in a very QB friendly system, I think he's about to realize some of his potential.

9) I thought it was a brilliant move by Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy by moving Clay Matthews to inside linebacker. As he becomes more comfortable playing inside and being moved all around their defense, I can see him becoming even more of an impact player.

10) Yeah, so this was a thing that actually happened...


The Chicago Bears are not only historically bad, they are comically bad. I can't believe that the Bears have become a national punch line now.

What are your thoughts on my thoughts and make sure to give a few of your own NFL Thoughts in the comment section.