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The Bears Den: November 11th, 2014

Take a moment to thank a veteran today. Their sacrifices make this country as great as it is and allow us to enjoy the freedoms we have. On behalf of the staff at WCG, thank you!

I'll defend your right to be a Packers fan, but that doesn't mean I agree with the choice."
I'll defend your right to be a Packers fan, but that doesn't mean I agree with the choice."
Kena Krutsinger

Larry Mayer: Trestman "No changes to staff": Everything is fine! The locker room is fine, the coaches are fine! We're good, we're fine, we got this. (Ed.- Yeah, all right.)

Michael C. Wright: No changes to staff: "The scapegoating at Halas Hall will likely wait until the end of the season." (Ed.- Good lede)

Wright: Bears not considering benching Cutler: No really, everything is fine and good.

Packers/ Monday presser fallout:

David Haugh | In the Wake of the News: Trestman oblivious to reality: "In a good place at this time? Just curious, what would constitute a bad place, 0-9? Trestman reads his team worse than Jay Cutler reads defenses." (Those Ball State guys sure know how to write! - Ed.)

Hub Arkush | Bears need a coaching change: "The Bears have now lost five of their past six games, including the last three in a row. And they have been embarrassed in each of those last three losses, a little bit more and a little bit worse as each has piled up."

Kevin Fishbain | Notes, Criticism for Cutler, Ground game stalls: "Here are some highlights (or, lowlights) from Marc Trestman's day-after-the-debacle press conference at Halas Hall."

Adam Hoge | Step 1: Admit you have a problem: "But you know you're in trouble when the coin toss is your only realistic chance to keep the ball away from Rodgers, as the Bears' desperately underachieving offense went on to score just one touchdown in a 55-14 blowout."

Rick Morrissey | The Bears are finished: "The right thing would have been for general manager Phil Emery to make his way down to the Bears' locker room at halftime and inform head coach Marc Trestman that his services would no longer be needed for the second half of Sunday's game and beyond. And then for Emery to fire himself too." (Good ledes today - Ed.)

Rick Telander | The Bears are not welcome in Mr. Rodgers' neighborhood: "The blood was everywhere. And the butchery was enough to make one gag forever."


Jeff Dickerson: 5 Things We Learned: "The Bears spent the real money on offense, but Tim JenningsLance BriggsLamarr Houston and Jared Allen cash nice checks every week. Houston is done for the year; however, the other three guys were active in Week 10. Where is the impact?"

Brad Biggs: 10 Thoughts on Bears loss to Packers: "The question is whether McCaskey and Phillips, along with the other powers that be, are moved to create a shakeup in the organization with the Bears 3-6 and in a freefall." (Answer: Not yet! - Ed.)

Seth Gruen: Three and Out: "Julius Peppers made the Bears think twice about allowing him to leave for Green Bay, netting four tackles, a sack and two pass deflections Sunday."

Packers reaction day II:

Biggs | Film Session: "The Bears were woefully unprepared and Trestman admitted as much in his postgame news conference and again Monday in a meandering Q&A session short on substance."

Wright: Marshall expects to play Sunday: Does anyone else hate when coaches/announcers refer to injuries as the body part itself? "He has an ankle." "He's out with an elbow" WHAT?!

Jarrett Payton's Post Game Presser | Bears at Packers: "I still bleed Orange and Blue with all of you, but right now we are just hemorrhaging. #BearDown"

Deadspin: Twitter users harass Marc Trestman's daughters after Bears loss: Warning: some graphic/hate language: "The Bears suck, these people suck more." (If you harass relatives of public figures who have no influence on said public figure's job you are scum, man. Also you're making all Bears fans and Chicago look bad - Ed.)

Rosendoom | Why wasn't Trestman fired at halftime?: "It's over. Trestman's career here. Emery's career here. Maybe Ted Phillips', too. Maybe they can get a group rate for the national convention of village idiots."

The Heckler | The Bears were destroyed again and you won't believe what happens next: NOTE: The Heckler is parody, in case you were unaware, but we all need a laugh after that game...


Audio: 87.7 The Game Chicago | Olin Kreutz talks Bears-Packers on Kap and Haugh

Audio: 87.7 The Game Chicago | Dan Hampton says time for changes

Video: Sport Science | Dangerous Sack Dances: Someone had to get to the bottom of how dangerous celebration moves/dances are...

Video: Look ahead to Vikings: Jeff Dickerson previews the next Bears loss game.

Video: First take debates the state of the Bears: Warning: Contains Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith

Audio: ESPN Chicago | The Brandon Marshall Show: The Bears WR joins Waddle and Silvy to talk about the team and the loss to the Packers.

Video: Chicago Sun-Times | Robbie Gould on 'embarrassing' loss: The Bears kicker thinks they are not a good team right now.

Back in college this became my post-Bears loss anthem. I think my roommates would come knock on my door to make sure I hadn't turned to self-mutilation when they heard this coming from my bedroom.