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The Bears Den: November 12, 2014

The Bears get back to work today, so it's a mix between leftover Packers stuff and focus shifting to the Vikings.

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Jonathan Daniel

Larry Mayer | Bears waive Santonio Holmes: "The Bears on Tuesday waived veteran receiver Santonio Holmes and made two practice squad moves, signing receiver Rashad Lawrence and releasing linebacker Terrell Manning."

Michael C. Wright | Bears cut Holmes, Wilson close to returning: Holmes' departure means Wilson is closer to returning to the lineup, and the expectation is he'll be able to play Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings."

Melissa Isaacson | Bears alone in Chicago franchises struggles: "There was a random thought that occurred Sunday night, sometime before the last Jay Cutler pick-six. This just wouldn't happen to the Bulls or Blackhawks."

Peter King | The thing about Jay Cutler: Same old, same old; Jay Cutler doesn't care or look like he cares. Don't believe me, here's a line: "I don't ask Cutler to throw a helmet or knock over the Gatorade table or be the team cheerleader. I just ask him to care. Or to at least look like he cares."


Rich Campbell | Five Things we learned about the Bears in Week 10: "Acceptance has set in among some players."

Wright | What the Bears must fix: Not a straight listicle, but still is more or less a list...

Dan Cahill | Four downs with Ditka: Da Coach on people attacking Trestman's daughters: "These people ought to be rounded up and kicked right in their ass."

Former Bears players trash current Bears

Mike Brown: You could tell they quit: "Football is a game where you have to have a lot of emotions, it's a controlled rage ... but it seems like this team doesn't have that kind of mentality. It seems like when things go bad, it's not like, 'Oh we're going to fix it,' it's like, 'Here we go again.'"

Rich Gannon: 'I'd sit Cutler': "And the quarterback, to me, as I watched him last night, he makes me sick to my stomach."


Marshall on Showtime: 'I'm at a loss for words': "When you lose your confidence, it's over. You don't have a chance. And right now, that's where we're at."

Wright | Brandon Marshall defends Trestman: "We've got to roll with Coach Trestman and honestly, I've never been around someone better."

Wright | Jay Cutler is not the Bears' biggest problem: Spoiler alert, it's the defense.

Rosendoom | The Bears hate you: And probably you're mother too!

CSN Chicago | Veteran's Day hits home for TIllman (With video): Peanut and RGIII both come from military families and they went to the same high school. They're also in the same USAA insurance commercial...


Video: Tillman talks Packers loss: "We took a good whooping." - Sure did, Peanut, ya sure did...

Audio: Kyle Long on Carmen and Jurko: Long joins the boys for his weekly radio spot. His portion starts at 2:18:00 of this podcast but there's other good stuff on there from John Clayton, among others.

Video: Jon Bostic says players respect Marc Trestman: Believe it or not, his pants were not on fire while he said it...

Video: Adam Hoge on what went wrong vs. Green Bay: A lot...

Vikings prep:

Chris Boden | Vikings ship afloat: Boden brings depressing facts like this: The Bears have yet to score 28 points in nine games, while the Vikings have three times under Norv Turner.

Minneapolis Star Tribune | Five Vikings stats that stand out for Week 11: "The Bears may have already folded mentally and emotionally, but they will still show up Sunday." - The Bears are a joke to our foes, A JOKE!

RandBall | Vikings get shot at stumbling, bumbling, crumbling Bears: "Before the season started, this game seemed like a probable loss. Now the Vikings might be able to knock the Bears over with a feather to get back to even." (See, even a guy who voluntarily calls his football column RandBall is making fun of us!)

Since I'm a photographer and all, in lieu of a regular music video I thought I'd share this sweet time lapse video (with music) of the greatest city in the world:

Cityscape Chicago II from Eric Hines on Vimeo.