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The Bears Den - November 13th, 2014

In which we find out that Mel-Tucker isn't particularly interested in trying to change things. Why would he be, it's not like anything should be able to save his job.

This picture highlights a possible future of the Chicago Bears and it makes me cry a little.
This picture highlights a possible future of the Chicago Bears and it makes me cry a little.
Jonathan Daniel

It's another day with a super positive spin in the media, folks. I'm just kidding, they all seem to hate this as much as we do.  Except for the ones from other sites:

The Team in a nutshell

Chicago Bears: One of the worst teams money can buy | NFL | Sporting News - Can't necessarily argue.

Ownership is Reason for Chicago Bears’ Longtime Misfortune | RantSports - Can't necessarily argue this, either.

Holmes: What’s Left For Bears Fans To Root For? " CBS Chicago - But we're in fun bad territory now.

On the defense

Chicago Bears' defense will study but remain unchanged - ESPN Chicago - This guy has a job.

Durkin: Amid Noise, Mel Tucker Feels Pressure — From Himself " CBS Chicago - No seriously, he does.

Bears' defensive coordinator shrugs off scrutiny - Sports - Journal Star - Peoria, IL - With our favorite team.

Ditka sees no talent, no pride on Bears’ defense | ProFootballTalk - Ditka, a coaches' coach, blames players.

Briggs: Sometimes 'not enough' accountability in Bears games | CSN Chicago - You think? Is that why you're trotting back out to start on Sunday after pooping the bed?

Trueblood: These Chicago Bears worst ever? - Sports - The Register-Mail - Galesburg, IL - They've played some of the worst Bears football in my recent memory.

Game Preview/Other Thoughts

Here's The Situation: Bears - Daily Norseman - The DN previews the game.

Pleased to Meet You: Week 11, Minnesota Vikings - Windy City Gridiron - We preview the game.

Free-Falling Bears Won't Just Lay Down for the Vikings - The Viking Age - A Minnesota Vikings Fan Site - They might, actually. Don't count out the Bears.

Packers, Bears have rivalry, partnership - Hahahahaha, no.

Know the NFC North: Week 10 - Pride Of Detroit - PoD reviews the North.  Shocking, their opinion of the Bears is not high.

Bears begin preparing for Vikings - Well, since nothing on defense is changing, it's probably going to be a pretty easy week of preparation.

Week 11 scouting report: Chicago Bears | Star Tribune - Twin cities newspaper previews the Bears.

Aaron Rodgers Suffered Back Injury vs. Bears | NBC Chicago - Probably should've been wearing that weight belt he got from State Farm.

Sick bay: Bears still feeling bumps from Green Bay beatdown | CSN Chicago - This implies that they were making contact on a regular basis, which isn't the same game I saw.