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Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings: NFL Week 11 Pre-Party Livestream and Open Thread

The Bears take on the Vikings today. We're getting you ready for the game with our WCG Sunday Livestream and pre-party open thread.

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Jonathan Daniel

This is where the Bears are right now. After week 3, the Bears were 2-1 after two consecutive road victories, and optimism was fairly high heading into the Week 4 matchup against the Packers. Since week 3, the Bears are 1-5, including the three most recent blow-outs to the Dolphins, Patriots and most recently, the Packers.

This, right now, is a tremendously flawed team sitting outside the playoffs, and with a very difficult road, if not impossible, to get back in. Likely impossible, four games behind the division leading Lions and three games behind the Packers. However, they do have four games left in the division, two against those Lions and another two against today's opponent, the Vikings.

The Vikings have been in a lot of flux this year, especially at quarterback and running back, but their defense has done a great job of getting after quarterbacks this year - a good job in general, with the 4th-best pass defense per yardage and a slightly-above league average total defense per points. Offensively, Teddy Bridgewater has taken the helm, and the future as far as that is concerned for the Vikings is now. Jerick McKinnon is probable for the game, and Kyle Rudolph may make his first appearance in many weeks as he recovers from his abdominal and groin injuries. We can only hope the Bears' defense can shut that offense down and the offense can finally put something together.

I realize that may be asking a lot of the Bears in general, given the way they've looked the last few games. But Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte have shown the talent to make plays - those plays haven't been made.

Will the team put something together today? Maybe. It's gameday.

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From the Lester A. Wiltfong Jr Department of Self Promotion:

I've put together this week's PTMY, the Six Pack, and the TV post for this week. Les has your injury report for the week, as well as the news that Marquess Wilson is back on the active roster.

Sam asks the question that's on most/all of our minds - should Marc Trestman return for 2015?

Dane asks if Brandon Marshall's having the worst season of his career.

Les put together this week's Sackwatch. It's just as ugly as you think it is.

Stephen Ronkowski (Or, the one who can't spell Steven correctly - and I will fight this fight as long as we have to) went to Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors charity event and he got some fantastic stuff from it.

Some former NFLers said the Bears should bench Jay Cutler. There may or may not have been some disagreement with that, or disagreement in general. That comment count.

Spongie took this week off, but he'll be back tomorrow. We didn't do a weekend Den this weekend, because there's just no replacing Spongie in that endeavor. Major thanks to Sam and Kev for taking the reins on Dens this week.

Propers for this week, are your typical noon game procedures - we'll have the first quarter thread pop up just before noon for the kickoff, with subsequent quarter thread popping up as the game progresses. After the game, we'll have the quick recap and threads for the late games. In the morning, we'll have Notes to recap today's victory or loss.

With those propers out of the way... Bear Down.


Today, we'll bring back the WCG Sunday Livestream, because for once I'm actually home to do it this week. It'll go live in half an hour, and we'll either put to rest the 2014 Bears season or provide some hope for the remainder of the season or the future of the franchise.

If you want to get a hold of us, there are a couple ways to go about that:

We'll be going live in half an hour. See you then.

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