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NFL Week 10 Late Games Open Thread

Join us below for live discussion for this week's late games!

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

After a wild one in Chicago this afternoon, football rolls on around the rest of the league. On the docket for this evening and tonight:

- Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers

- Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers

- Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals

- New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts (SNF)

So the NFC North will continue to take shape, with their top two teams trying to ensure they have a shot at the postseason. Obviously, if the back half of the season ends up like the first, the Packers and Lions will both likely end up in the playoffs, with Chicago and Minnesota licking their wounds from home.

Next week, the Chicago Bears travel to Tampa Bay to take on Lovie Smith's Buccaneers.  That should be fun... Can you imagine the conversations that will go on between some of the Bears players and their well-loved ex-coach?

Anyways, let's wrap up Week 10 before we look that far ahead...

This is your Late Games Open Thread... have fun!