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The Bears Den: November 17, 2014 - Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings game reports & analysis

When the Jay Cutler - Brandon Marshall bromance goes well, the Bears' offense goes well... and vice versa.

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Most importantly, the Bears showed up - Is-Hub Arkush: The word was all over town that perhaps these Bears had quit, on their coaches, themselves and their fans. With their 21-13 win over the Vikings, they proved they have not, and that was the most important thing they could do.

Bears' win over Vikings is 'nothing special' - David Haugh: If ever Marc Trestman's understated tone fit the occasion, it was Sunday after a 21-13 victory over the Vikings that offered more relief than meaning.

10 16 thoughts - Brad Biggs: Scientists were able to land a space probe on a comet last week and an NFL game can be played with a nonfunctioning clock?

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Chicago Bears 21, Minnesota Vikings 13

Jay Cutler's three TD passes push Bears past Vikings - ( The Bears overcame an early 10-0 deficit to take a 14-10 halftime lead after being outscored a combined 94-7 in the first two quarters of the previous two games [with Video highlights].

Game breakdown - The Tribune's drive charts, key Bears of the game, Cutler Watchm and more stats from the game.

Game report -'s situational updates from the field as they unfolded during Sunday's 21-13 victory over the Vikings at Soldier Field.  Larry Mayer's pregame Q&As.

Bears rally to end three-game skid - Larry Mayer: With a big-play offense and a tenacious defense, the Bears rallied from a 10-0 deficit to beat the Minnesota Vikings 21-13 Sunday at Soldier Field, snapping a three-game losing streak.

Bears pick up first home win - Not-Hub Arnold: For the first time this year the Bears captured a win at home, knocking off the Vikings 21-13 Sunday in front of an announced crowd of 55,320, snapping a pair of three-game losing streaks.

Bears bounce back with victory over Vikings - Tony Andracki: The afternoon wasn't without frustrations for the Bears, but they came out on top against a divisional opponent and kept whatever slim playoff hopes remain alive.

Game report - James Neveau: It wasn't the prettiest game, but Jay Cutler's three TD passes helped the Bears to a 21-13 victory over the Vikings on Sunday afternoon.

Bears make strides in win over Vikes - Jon Greenberg: After suffering two historically bad losses, Jay Cutler and the Bears showed signs of improvement against a very beatable Vikings team.

Winning pretty not required considering current state of Bears - Rick Morrissey: After being outscored 106-37 the last two games, the Bears just wanted a victory. Any kind of victory, even the ugly kind, would do.

It wasn’t pretty, but Cutler delivers - Dan Durkin: While he was under duress, Cutler extended plays with his feet and kept his eyes fixed down field to find the Bears’ basketball team in cleats that dominated the Vikings’ secondary.

Step in the right direction for Bears - Bob LeGere: Sunday's effort at least stopped the bleeding on a team that was hemorrhaging and in danger of a total collapse, having lost five of six.

Bizarre Bears beat bad Vikings - Barry Rozner: Even with all the odd clock management, weird decisions and strange explanations, it was the first home win since Dec. 9, 2013, against Dallas, and the Bears were happy to take it.

Bears get back to ultimate basic in win over Vikings - Moon Mullin: The Bears turned their humiliation into something positive on Sunday, raising the time-honored chicken-and-egg question of whether you have fun because you’re winning or you win because you have some fun.  However, self-inflicted woes continue to plague the team.

Rapid Reaction - Michael C. Wright with a few thoughts after the Bears win at Soldier Field for the first time all season.  From the locker room.

Game review - Jeff Dickerson with five things we learned in the Bears' victory Sunday over the Vikings.

[Video] Postgame Live - Immediate reaction to Bears' win over Vikings.

[Video] ESPN - Mark Schlereth breaks down the Bears' 21-13 win over the Vikings.

[Video] ESPN - Jeff Dickerson and Jon Greenberg break down what went right for the Bears [Mother of Ditka, Jon Greenberg's creepy visage is not what I wanted to see after a week off.]

[Video] - Jen Lada and Moon Mullin recap the Bears' win over Vikings.

[Video] - Top Bears plays from Sunday's 21-13 victory over the Vikings at Soldier Field.


Passing attack finds its way in win - Mini-Larry: Using their height advantage, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery torched the Minnesota secondary to help Chicago to a 21-13 win on Sunday.

Bears pick on lone Viking to assure victory - Dan Wiederer: Even with solid technique, Josh Robinson didn't have the size nor the strength to prevent the big plays by the Bears' bigger receivers.

Bears exploit size edge with Marshall, Jeffery - Michael C. Wright: "I would have changed up some coverages," Mike Zimmer said when asked if he'd do anything differently against Chicago's receivers given the opportunity. "I can't make these guys taller."

Defense allows Jay Cutler to move Bears back into win column - Mark Potash: For once, Cutler could afford to make a mistake as, with the defense holding the Vikings to 243 yards and 13 points, the Bears gave their QB what he needs most of all — a margin for error.

Bears control Vikings pass rush in 21-13 win - Not-Hub Fishbain: A strong performance by the O-line, the use of several screens, Matt Forte’s rushing, and Jay Cutler’s own mobility helped neutralize a formidable pass rush.

Win changes tone of discussion about Cutler's future - Brad Biggs: The Bears have not exactly rejuvenated their season, and Cutler hasn't done enough to turn the tide of conversation for those wondering what the team should do for 2015. But the Bears and Cutler both needed a victory to at least change the tone of the discussion.

Brandon Marshall skips out on waiting media after two-TD game - [I've been away from all things Bears since before the Packers game, apart from a quick check in on WCG, so I'll defer to Rick Telander's assessment as to what's important as he makes this the central focus of his article about the game. - Den]

Forte carries the day for Bears' offense - Joe Aguilar: While the Bears haven't scored more than 28 points in 10 tries in 2014, they can't blame their Pro Bowl running back, who maybe has been the most consistently good player for a disappointing offense this season.

Matt Forte helps carry offensive load in win - Not-Hub Arnold: The Bears relied on the run game to keep the chains moving on Sunday, hanging onto the ball for more than 38 minutes – 17 minutes more than the Vikings.

Bears aggressive with fourth-down attempts - Michael C. Wright: Chicago successfully converted two of three fourth-down conversions against Minnesota on Sunday.

[Video] Postgame Live - Jim Miller breaks down Cutler's play vs Vikings.


Defense serves as catalyst in victory - Larry Mayer: After two blowout losses, the Bears defense rebounded with its best performance of the season.

Mundy, Bears defense tee off on Vikings, Bridgewater - Rich Campbell: They contained a punchless offense led by Teddy Bridgewater, whose growing pains were obvious. That counts as a significant accomplishment, though, considering how mistake-prone the Bears were during their skid.

Jared Allen: Bears wanted ball in Bridgewater's hands - Jeff Dickerson: The 10th ranked rushing offense heading into Week 11, the Vikings ran the ball for only 48 yards, while Teddy Bridgewater managed to pass for only 158 yards on 28 attempts.

Allen happy to win bragging rights - Fred Mitchell: The D-line was able to put pressure on Teddy Bridgewater, who looked uncomfortable throughout the game, and for the first time in his 11-year NFL career Jared Allen walked off Soldier Field a winner.

More from the game

Game notes - Larry Mayer: Matt Forte with a season-high 175 yards from scrimmage; Marc Trestman on failed QB sweep on 4th-and-goal; game clock issues at Soldier Field; more from the game.

Game notes - Adam L. Jahns: Brock Vereen part of planned safety rotation; fake punt was Vikings' longest play of the day; Chris Williams handling punt return duties.

Game notes - Rich Campbell: Vikings cranky about clock; Bears special teams duped; Willie Young ice fishing during sack celebration.

Game notes - Dan Durkin: Jared Allen gets first win at Soldier Field; Marc Trestman on end-of-half clock management and 4th-and-1 decision.

Game notes - Bob LeGere: Shuffling O-line continues to protect Cutler; Bears' 4th down conversion attempts; stopping the Vikings' rushing attack; Marquess Wilson's return; scoreboard issues and more from the game.

Game notes - Not-Hub Arkush: Defense acquits itself by slamming door on Vikings; game clock issues; Marc Trestman’s hot and cold aggressiveness on playcalling played part in Bears only managing 21 points.

Game review - Not-Hub Fishbain on what worked, what didn't, and the three moments that mattered in Sunday's Bears win.

Game review - Adam Hoge: No one is questioning the Bears’ effort Sunday. It was there, but is effort going to fix all the mental errors that will stick out on the coaches’ film this week?

Bears still hard to enjoy - Dan Bernstein: The coaches’ endless blithering, the QB’s turnovers and blasé unresponsiveness and the receiver’s solipsistic buffoonery have been chipping away at our good will.

What are the Bears doing winning now? - [Sometimes I wonder if I was Adolf Hitler in a past life, or some other equally repugnant character.  I can't think of any other reason why I get Rosenbloom inflicted upon me. - Den]

Imagine that, Bears fans surprisingly encouraging - [It's Mike Imrem. Just kill me now. - Den]

Bears, Vikings fight through clock malfunctions - Michael C. Wright: Soldier Field officials released a statement after Bears' win over the Vikings, saying it's unclear what caused malfunctions with the game clock.

Bears quotes - Inside the locker room with quotes following Sunday's win against the Vikings at Soldier Field.

Photos - Courtesy of ... Daily Herald.

Game grades

[Video] ESPN - Michael C. Wright awards a game ball to Brandon Marshall, who caught seven passes for 90 yards and two TDs.

[Video] Postgame Live - The warmly-dressed PGL crew pick their Monsters of the Game, give the defense some love.

Stock watch - Patrick Finley with a look at who’s rising and falling after Sunday’s win against the Vikings.

Game grades - Jeff Dickerson hands 'em out, isn't impressed with Marc Trestman's day.

Game grades - Mark Potash offers his assessment of the Bears' units.

Game grades - Joe Aguilar: When Matt Forte's career ends, his highlight package should include his 32-yard run in which he broke multiple tackles.

Moon Mullin's game grades: QBRB - WR/TE - O-line - D-line - LB - DB - STs - coaching.


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