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NFL Week 9 Early Games Open Thread

While the Bears rest, which games are you most interested in seeing?

Scott Iskowitz

Normally, a Bye week anytime after week 6 is a good thing, because teams don't want to have to get their week of rest too early in the season.  For the Chicago Bears, that Bye week couldn't have come quickly enough.

The wheels seem to be coming apart in Chicago, despite a roster full of superstars.  In the NFC North, the Detroit Lions are sitting at the top with a 6-2 record, with the red hot Green Bay Packers one game behind them at 5-3.  And then we have the Bears and Vikings, fighting for that last place position tied at 3-5.

Can the season be turned around?  The extra week of rest will help heal some physical wounds, but the wounds to the psyche could take longer.

But, we shall rest nonetheless, and while the Bears take the week off, here are your early games for Sunday:

- Buccaneers vs Browns

- Cardinals vs Cowboys

- Eagles vs Texans

- Jaguars vs Bengals

- Chargers vs Dolphins

- Redskins vs Vikings

Along with Chicago being on their Bye, so is Detroit and Green Bay.

This is your Early Games Open Thread... Have fun!