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All-time best Chicago Bears players: Who would you bring back?

If you could bring one player back from history and insert them into the current lineup, who would it be?

Win McNamee

The Chicago Bears have some of the all-time greatest football players in history attached to their team-- Payton, Sayers, Ditka, Butkus, Singletary-- and even the current team has some of the best positional players their roster has ever seen.

Marshall Faulk brings up a great question, and one that Chicago Bears fans could go in multiple directions.

Would you select Walter Payton, arguably the best football player in the history of the game at any position? Or would you go with someone from the defensive side of the ball... a Dick Butkus perhaps?

For the purposes of this exercise, my choice is Butkus.

Probably the greatest linebacker in the history of the game, inserted into a defense that is struggling mightily at that position... well we would be looking at a completely different football team now.

And not just on the field-- you can bet Butkus had an even more powerful presence in the locker room that Brian Urlacher or Olin Kreutz.

If I could insert any former Chicago Bear into this current lineup, I wold pick Butkus.

What about you?

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