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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

It's a showdown in the AFC North as the 5-3 Baltimore Ravens take on the 5-3 Pittsburgh Steelers.

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The AFC North boasts the best overall record of any division in the NFL, with all four teams currently sitting at 5-3 or better. The Cleveland Browns have surprised everyone on the planet by being 5-3 at the mid-way point in the season, while the Cincinnati Bengals surprised no one by managing to tie a game.

The best divisional record could have sat in the AFC West, but the 0-8 Oakland Raiders kind of screwed that up for everyone else.

Tonight, two of those 5-3 teams in the AFC North face off, with the Baltimore Ravens traveling to Pittsburgh to face a Steelers game that has won their last two games.

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This is your Sunday Night Football Open Thread... Have fun!

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