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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders

Tied-for-top meets welded-to-the-bottom of the AFC West as... eh... at least there'll be cheerleaders.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It's week 12 of the 2014 NFL season and Thursday Night games have, to date, often been terrible mismatches.  Oh hai there, 7-3 Kansas City Chiefs, have you met the 0-10 Oakland Raiders?

At least it's an all-AFC West affair, so there's that much going for it.  The Chiefs are tied in the W-L column with the Denver Broncos, with the San Diego Chargers only a game behind at 6-4, so there's every incentive for them to extend their five-game win streak in their first matchup against a Raiders team that's now lost 16 straight games dating back to last season.

It could get especially ugly for the Black Hole when you consider that not only are teams running the ball a league-high 50.1% of the time against the Raiders' defense, but the Chiefs' main ballcarrier is one Jamaal Charles, who is second in the league with 5.2 yards a carry this season.  That's down a pop from his historic 5.54 average.

For the home team, Maurice Jones-Drew and Darren McFadden have averaged just 1.86 yards per carry over the past three games (albeit those three having been against the Seattle Seahawks, Broncos, and Chargers... but, still, 1.86ypc).  Oakland is currently on pace for 1,008 rushing yards, the fewest ever for a 16-game season.  Their passing attack might not fare too well tonight either, with rookie quarterback Derek Carr facing a Chiefs defense that's top-2 in average points allowed and passing yardage per game.

To add to Reggie McKenzie's woes, Raiders owner Mark Davis said earlier today that his GM still had "strong support," but declined to guarantee he'll be back for 2015.

This is your Thursday Night Football open thread.  Please don't do anything Schweickert wouldn't do.