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Who is the Chicago Bears unsung hero?

Do the Bears even have an unsung hero this season?

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

When your football team is loaded with talent, you expect to win. The Chicago Bears have a better roster than many teams in the NFL, yet have been watching their season fade away week after week.

With a team full of superstars and big names, it should be easy to find a player who is flying under the radar, making big plays week in and week out, but for the Bears, it's not easy.

One could say it is safety Ryan Mundy, a former 6th round draft pick who spent a few years on and off the Pittsburgh Steelers roster (and made a short stop with the New York Giants)-- Phil Emery liked the fact that Mundy had been around championship teams, despite not really contributing to them, and was excited about bringing a player with that type of experience into the locker room.

Mundy has done pretty well in his first season with Chicago. He leads the team in tackles, and has recorded 2 interceptions.

Then there's Kyle Fuller, the rookie cornerback from Virginia Tech that Emery selected with his first round draft pick. That was a surprising pick, but has paid in dividends so far this season.

And finally, we could say defensive end WiIlie Young.  Week after week he adds to his already season-high sack total, and has been the one constant on that defensive line for this season.  Again, hard to say he's under the radar, but he's been the biggest surprise so far this season.

There may be others, but I'll leave that up to you guys to chat about.  Unsung hero, anyone?

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