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Chicago Bears vs Tampa Bay Buccanners: NFL Week 12 Pre-Party Livestream and Open Thread

The Bears take on the Buccaneers as they look to plunder their fifth win of the season. We're getting ready for the game and the day in NFL action with the WCG Sunday Livestream.

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Two weeks ago, the Bears were 3-6 and all but out of the playoff picture. After last week, they're 4-6 and... well, still all but out of the playoff picture, three games behind the Lions and Packers (and in the case of those Packers, a full head to head tiebreaker behind as well). But, the season hasn't ended yet, and this week that means a round against the former head coach of the Bears and his new team, the two-win Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

More than just the former head coach, but the former backup quarterback as well, as Josh McCown signed with Tampa in the offseason. And unlike former Lovie Smith-led teams, the Bucs have actual true offensive weapons, in former free agent Vincent Jackson and rookie draft pick standout Mike Evans, as well as a defense that came alive last week to the tune of six sacks and three interceptions. And I'm sure Lovie Smith would love nothing more than to smack down the team that spurned him after a ten-win season (and multiple failures to reach and perform in the postseason, just saying) for Marc Trestman.

Meanwhile, the Bears allowed only ten points in the first half of a game for the first time in what seemed like forever, but after shooting themselves in the foot so frequently with penalties and turnovers, the Bears only had 14 points themselves. They were still able to secure the win, much to some fans' certain chagrin. If they're going to do the same this week, and keep whatever slim hopes remaining for the playoffs alive, they'll need to keep improving this offensive production.

Happy gameday, folks.

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From the Lester A. Wiltfong, Jr Department of Self Promotion:

Let's start off with the Spongie making his triumphant return to Den-dom this week, not missing a beat with this week's Weekend Den. It's real, and it's spectacular. And it's updated too!

I've got your "How to find the game," my six keys for victory, and this week's PTMY.

Les has this week's injury report.

Dane asked you who the Bears' unsung hero is.

Sam says if the Bears really are a better, more talented team than the Bucs, they must show it by winning.

Stephen Ronkowski had the chance to interview Dan Hampton. There's some really good stuff here.

Les also added this week's Sackwatch, and asked the current click-baitiest click-bait question - Josh McCown or Jay Cutler?

Gameday procedures today are your typical noon game - the first quarter thread will go live a few minutes before kickoff, with subsequent quarter threads appearing as the game progresses. After the game, we'll have a quick recap and the threads for the later games, with Notes coming up in the morning. And no matter what, kids, behave yourselves (within gameday reason).

And with the propers out of the way: Bear down.


The WCG Sunday Livestream returns this week, and Sam and I (and a very special guest) will have a lot to discuss concerning Lovie, Marc Trestman, the Bears/Bucs and Bears/Vikings, and the season in general. We'll be all over the place, and we'll get underway at our usual 9:30 time.

You can get a hold of us at any of the following avenues:

We'll go live in half an hour. See you then.

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