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2014 NFL Playoff picture: Chicago Bears still have a chance

Bears fans won't pay this much attention, but if the team gets hot and stays that way, they could be punching their 2014 playoff ticket.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

This morning there was a (another) brief discussion about the playoffs, and the absurd possibility that the Chicago Bears, if they get hot right now and stay that way, are still in the running.

We know that the best records in the NFL aren't guaranteed a ticket to the Super Bowl, and that a 10-6 (or 9-7) team that sneaks in and gets hot at the right time has every bit of a chance as anyone else. A quick look at the last four Super Bowl winners will remind us of that:

2013 Seahawks: 13-3

2012 Ravens: 10-6

2011Giants: 9-7

2010 Packers: 10-6

In looking at the NFC divisional records, we know that the East will likely send two teams to the playoffs-- the Eagles and Cowboys are both 7-3, and the Giants and Redskins are already likely out.

The North currently has the Lions and Packers at 7-3, the South has four teams with sub-500 records, and the West is being dominated by the Cardinals.

If the Chicago Bears win out, which would include two wins over the Lions, they would end up 10-6, and likely sitting in the #2 spot behind Green Bay. If that happens, the Bears would sneak in as the #2 Wild Card team, unless something equally as surprising happens in the West between the Niners and/or Seahawks.

And once the playoffs start, everyone is 0-0.

Again, as fans, we may have already written the season off as a loss, and have our termination papers in hand for the current staff, but at least from a probability standpoint, it's not over.

All it takes is for a team to get hot at the right moment, and to stay hot.  Could that be the Bears in 2014? It certainly could.

Stay tuned...