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Week 12 Monday Night Football double bill Open Thread: Jets-Bills, Ravens-Saints

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Oh yeah, the 2-8 New York Jets' rescheduled game against the 5-5 Buffalo Bills - at neutral venue Detroit (neutral, that is, assuming Jim Schwartz' little prank of having asked his Bills players to carry him off after winning there on his return earlier this season hasn't annoyed fans in Detroit, who may have taken advantage of free tickets... Imma call this the Hobo Bowl) - is already underway.

At the normal time there'll be the 6-4 Baltimore Ravens - in need of a win to keep up with the 7-win Joneses Bengals, Steelers, and Browns - visiting the New Orleans Saints, a team that is 4-6 and yet finds itself on top of the mass of suck that is the NFC South.  We host the Saints on Monday Night Football in three weeks' time (December 15th); how will Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham et al. fare in the pleasant outdoor climate that I'm hearing is Chicago in winter?

Have fun, don't do anything Schweickert wouldn't do!