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What will a Bears win on Thursday mean to you?

A few weeks ago the thought of the Chicago Bears in the playoffs was about as crazy as it gets. But with the Bears one win from a 6-6 record, are you closer to believing in them?

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Being 5-6 after 11 games wasn't what Chicago Bears' fans had in mind. Many of us were expecting a Bears team with a fantastic offense and a healthier defense to at least push for a playoff spot in 2014.

I remember way back in September when the Bears were 2-1 and coming off two straight prime time games on the road, fan enthusiasm was fairly high. But losing 5 of the next 6 games killed off whatever good vibes this team had going.

Giving up 50+ to the Patriots and Packers in consecutive games felt like the nail in the coffin on the Bears' season.

There aren't a lot of 3-6 teams that can climb back into the playoff hunt, but the Bears are one win away from doing just that.

If the Bears can knock off the Detroit Lions this Thanksgiving, that will get them to within 1 game of the 2nd place Lions, and at 6-6 the Bears will be near striking distance of an actual Wildcard spot.

They hold the tiebreaker over the 7-4 49ers by virtue of their week 2 comeback win. They play the 7-4 Dallas Cowboys the Thursday after Thanksgiving. They have the Lions in Chicago coming up on week 16. Wins in those games will give them 2 more tie break scenarios.

While most of us are rooting for a playoff push for our Bears, we realize it's unlikely at 5-6.

But would 6-6 give you more hope? It's not like a 3-6 team has never gone on a run before? It could happen.

Would a win on Thursday brighten your playoff expectations for this team or would it just mean the team is screwing up their draft positioning and teasing us before their inevitable fall?