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Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2014: Week 12 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Chicago Bears allowed three 1st quarter sacks against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, all on the same series. I was expecting a record setting day by Lovie Smith's defense, but luckily Chicago's pass protection settled down.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sack Jay Cutler three times in an eight play span had me thinking I'd have to write the longest Sackwatch in the history of the Sackwatch. Thankfully for my hunt-and-peck typing style, Chicago's pass protection settled in and didn't allow any more sacks.

Let's take a look at where we stand so far on the 2014 season...

Sackwatch Cutler

Sackwatch after 11 games
2010 - 41 (Martzfense)
2011 - 27 (Martzfense)
2012 - 35 (Mike Tice O)
2013 - 17 (TCO)
2014 - 27 (TCO)

Yeah, that sucks. The Chicago Bears are only three sacks away from the last season's total sacks allowed. Sure the injuries along the offensive line have hurt, but the play calling hasn't done Cutler any favors either. Move the pocket, run the ball, call more play actions, use more creative screens, more quick slants, just to name a few.

Because of some some technical difficulties there will be no GIFs this week.

Sack 25 - First quarter 5:22 Jacquies Smith
This is the first sack all season that I'm pinning the entire blame on Jay Cutler. The Bucs were showing blitz, but they dropped out of it and only rushed four. Then defensive end William Gholston picked up Chicago running back Ka'Deem Carey who snuck through the line on a pass route, so it ended up being a three man rush. Cutler had time to throw, he just couldn't find an open receiver.

Jay took the shotgun snap, he dropped back and set up to throw, rolled to his left, cocked to throw, pulled it back, then ate the sack. Once Cutler was out of the pocket all he had to do was chuck the ball out of bounds past the line of scrimmage to avoid an intentional grounding.

Since this was a 3rd and three and the Bears weren't in field goal range, taking the sack didn't hurt the team, but it could have hurt Cutler. No point in taking an unnecessary hit.

You can view the sack here at the :38 second mark.

Sack 26 - First quarter 3:08 Clinton McDonald
A penalty on the punt after that last sack gave the Bears new life. Then after a 3rd and 9 pass to Brandon Marshall for 15 yards gave the Bears a 1st down at Tampa's 39, the offense had to feel it was getting into a grove. But a sack on the next play took them back 10 yards.

The Bucs ran a delayed stunt along with a delayed safety blitz after Cutler faked a hand-off. Chicago had Charles Leno in the game as an extra blocker on the right side. Leno does a good job staying with his man on the edge, but Tampa Bay safety Major Wright is able to beat Dante Rosario (who was lined up at fullback) inside  to get his hands on Cutler.

The NFL didn't split the sack, because I'm assuming, Clinton McDonald gets there a split second before Wright. McDonald begins the play lined up across from Chicago right guard Kyle Long. His initial rush is upfield, but then he loops to his left around the Bears' right side. Right Tackle Michael Ola tries to cut him off, but he can't fight through the bodies in time.

Even though this sack allowed could have been split, I'm giving Ola a pass. The Bucs just had a good play call on by sending Wright after the play-action, which tied up the player the Bears were keeping in to help. Even though Wright wasn't credited with a half sack, I'm pinning this on the Bears fullback. Rosario over-committed too wide on his set, and Wright had room to get inside his block.

You can view the sack here at the 1:11 second mark.

Sack 27 - First quarter 1:26 Gerald McCoy
McCoy just makes Brian de la Puente look silly on this 3rd down play. For reasons unbeknownst to me, de la Puente aggressively lunges at McCoy. Look at the pic below to see McCoy running past de la Puente, while de la Puente has his head down and is completely off balance.


If Brian didn't race back to the play after missing his block, I would have thought he believed a screen pass was on, he was that far out of position. This may be the worst technique I've ever seen from a Bears offensive lineman since I've been doing the Sackwatch.Perhaps his ankle was

Jay Cutler fumbles on the play, but he didn't even see the Buccaneer DT barreling down on him.

You can see this sack by clicking here.

Here's how I have the Sackwatch after 11 games.

Jordan Mills - 4.5
Jermon Bushrod - 4
Brian de la Puente - 3.5
Sacks Happen - 3
Michael Ola - 3
Matt Forte - 3
Matt Slauson - 2
Dante Rosario - 2
Jay Cutler - 1.5
Eben Britton - .5

What are your thoughts on their pass pro this week?