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Who is the craftiest veteran for the Chicago Bears?

Marshall Faulk has this weeks #GMCPlaybook question, and it's a doozie.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that to make it in the NFL, players have to be talented and work hard, but they also have to be smart. Or, crafty as Marshall Faulk calls it.

In the trenches of an NFL football game, there's a lot that goes on that the fans-- and the refs-- never see. Eye gouges, bites, body parts being pinched... it's a proverbial battlefield down there.

But when I hear this question, the first player that comes to mind is Brandon Marshall. While his athleticism is absolutely enough to make him successful in the NFL, he is also known to be a little extra-touchy with defensive backs who are covering him. There was point in his career where Marshall was blatant and conspicuous with his craft-- holding onto opposing DB's jerseys, pushing off to catch the ball, and drawing plenty of flags.

But in the last couple years, he hasn't really been flagged too much. And that's certainly not because he's stopped, because every WR and DB in the league tries to get an advantage-- it's because he's become smarter at hiding it.

The best wide receivers, just like the best linemen and defensive backs, are able to take advantage of situations without being caught, and for the purposes of this week's GMC question, Brandon Marshall is undoubtedly that guy for Chicago.

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