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Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions pre-game Open Thread

Join us below for your Bears-Lions pre-game party, and sign up for a free fantasy football league where you could win lotsa money!

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in WCG and Chicago Bears nation! We wish all of you a wonderful holiday, and hope you get to do some fun stuff with people you enjoy.

As we wait on the Chicago Bears to face off against the Detroit Lions, make sure you're clicking HERE for a chance to win some serious money with FanDuel. It's cheap, easy, and a great way to get involved in a league that you don't have to put in 40 hours per week to maintain.

Looking ahead, the Bears will be fighting for their playoff lives this afternoon against a Detroit Lions team that started the season red-hot, but who has dropped two in a row to the Patriots and Cardinals.

Not to slight the Lions though-- they are a much-improved team than the Lions we have grown to love over the last few years, and have plenty of weapons to make the Bears lives miserable today if everything goes the way they have planned.

For the Bears, Marc Trestman can't afford another blowout or embarrassing game. If the Bears are going to turn their season around, this is the game that will need to happen.

We'll be back later, but in the meantime, this is your Bears vs Lions Pre-Party Open Thread... Have fun!