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Marc Trestman: "Support has been outstanding"

One day we hear there is a mutiny on the rising, and the next day, we hear of nothing but support.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Jason La Canfora is considered an 'insider' by his network, CBS Sports, but is much more comparable to Mike Florio than Adam Schefter or Jay Glazer.

Over the last few years, La Canfora has managed to bring an innumerable amount of 'rumors' and 'what he's hearing' from the locker room that don't actually ever come to fruition.  He's also been known to be so tenuously generic in things that he reports that when nothing happens, everyone has already moved on to the next thing because he didn't really bring anything material to the table to begin with.

He hears things from sources who are close to the situation that think there is a possibility of a rumor that may or may not have come from someone close to the team.  And then he reports on it.

Nevertheless, I'm sure La Canfora talks to people around the league-- that's his job.  He has proven to be less of a news-breaker or insider, and more of a rumor-mongerer and dust-stirrer.  And that's fine. It gives people something to talk about.

This week was no different, when he utilized his sources close to the Chicago Bears to report an apparent mutiny occurring in the Bears locker room, and how Marc Trestman has lost his team.  Specifically:

The Bears are in a state of crisis, according to several sources with knowledge of the locker room, with a leadership void further fueling their downward spiral. Players are tuning coach Marc Trestman out, according to numerous sources, there has been increased in-fighting in recent weeks and the team's dedication has been called in to question at times by players and coaches alike, sources said.

If any of this is true, that means the information came from a player or staff member.  Literally no one else has that type of information, if it is true.  Would a player or staff member talk to a reporter with a shaky reputation in that manner? Would they share that specific type of information? I don't think they would. But I could be wrong.

Let us continue.

Numerous sources pointed to lack of leadership and accountability as key factors in the team's awful first half after expectations of a possible Super Bowl, and if anything the situation has gotten worse in recent weeks.

This is pure opinion, and certainly not anything that a 'source' would need to tell you.  This could just as easily come from comments on our Facebook page.  But why tag this as info from a 'source' unless you are just trying to elicit that strong response?

After a humiliating defeat at New England last week, in which the Bears trailed 38-7 at halftime, several member of the organization feared for Trestman's job, sources said, and later in the week ownership ended up putting out a vote of confidence for Trestman and general manager Phil Emery.

So this unnamed 'source' says that other unnamed 'members of the organization' (again, it would have to be staff or players) feared for Trestman's job-- wait, what does that even mean? Someone that talked to La Canfora says that someone speculated that Trestman would be fired in the middle of the season? Again, more like Facebook comments than anything.

So what does Marc Trestman think about this mutiny that's rising and how his job might be in jeopardy?

"The support in this building has been outstanding," Trestman said. "That's all I can say. Everybody upstairs has been extremely supportive of the way we're handling things. Our team has been unbelievably compliant in doing everything that we as coaches and myself have asked them to do.

"That's evident on the field. It's evident in the locker room. It's evident in the meeting room that these guys are an amazing group of men that have been extremely compliant, and the support has been there."

Would we expect Trestman to say anything different? Of course not.  Is Trestman's job on the line this season? Perhaps.  Are there really significant sources who were speaking the truth to La Canfora? Perhaps.

The thing is that we just don't know anything, other than what we see on the field each weekend.

What we do know is that GM Phil Emery completely rebuilt the offensive line in one offseason, and gave the defense a significant overhaul in another.  He has a roster full of above-average players-- albeit, a few holes still to fill like 31 other teams-- and a head coach that seems to be as smart as anyone else in the league.  Trestman as the head coach does not currently have a team that is performing as well as expected, and that could be for any combination of reasons, including injuries, quality of assistant coaches, etc.-- there is a myriad of reasons anytime a team underperforms-- but at the end of the day, spending time speculating and stirring up dust by starting rumors only accomplishes one thing: page clicks on your website.

Jason La Canfora could be full of crap. He may have taken one single comment from someone distantly related to someone connected with the team, and completely turned it into something it wasn't. Just for the 'look at me, click on my article' M.O. that he has come to be known for.

Or, the article could have some merit.  Either way, it doesn't matter. We still have 8 games left on the schedule, and a chance to turn the season around.  Trestman seems to feel supported, and the players seem to be doing everything he's asking them. Emery has made huge strides from a personnel perspective, despite being in a huge hole dug by his predecessor.

Hopefully La Canfora can take the rest of the season off... unless he is able to, ya know, report some actual news.