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Bears may take advantage of Jay Cutler's mobility

Marc Trestman is a studious man, and indicated that he may be moving Jay Cutler around in order to take advantage of his athleticism.

Jim Rogash

Sometimes a team can look at building on its own strengths, but other times, they look at capitalizing on the strengths of one player.

We know that the quarterback is the most important player on the field, and after an extra week of studying film, Marc Trestman hints that he may be thinking about utilizing Jay Cutler's mobility more.

"I think [rolling Cutler out and using his mobility by design] has a residual effect on a lot of different things - on the pass rush, on the passing spot, on how it applies to your run game," Trestman said. "Because a lot of times when you're moving the pocket, it's relative to a play-action fake or movement of some kind where you're faking a run and you're moving outside the pocket. So there's a residual effect on pass rush and in the run game when you can do those kinds of things."

Chicago Bears fans have been vocal since his arrival in Chicago about wanting to see him used more out of the pocket, and Cutler has been known to make plays when he is on the run. But for every needle-threaded laser he throws on target while on the run, another one could fall into the arms of a linebacker dropped back into coverage.  There's been some hesitation by Trestman, and his predecessors, on rolling Cutler out, and perhaps for good reason.

But with Chicago's season possibly on the line Sunday night against the red-hot Green Bay Packers, something needs to change.  The Bears have a roster full of superstars, but won only three games in the first half of the season-- If Marc Trestman wants something to change, he's going to have to change something.

Can he trigger some offensive success if he starts moving Cutler around? Maybe. But you can bet Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers has already game-planned for it.

Stay tuned...

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