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NFL Week 10 Late Games Open Thread

As we inch closer to the Bears vs Packers matchup, we've got one more set of games to watch. Join us below!

Doug Pensinger

After an eventful early afternoon of football, we are only a few short hours away before the Chicago Bears fight for their season against a Green Bay Packers team at Lambeau Field.  While that game could get really ugly really quickly, Marc Trestman has had two full weeks to prepare, and the players have had an extra week's worth of rest. Could we see the Bears season turn around? We don't have to wait much longer to find out...

Until then, we have one more set of football games on the docket.

- Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

- St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals

- New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks

So pull up a chair, check out our Bears vs Packers Storystream to get caught up on all the nuts and bolts, and join us here for one more round of football before the Beloved kick off.

This is your NFL Week 10 Lates Games Open Thread... Have fun!