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Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Pregame Open Thread

Join us below for our pre-party Open Thread!

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Windy City Gridiron editor Kev H. once wondered how something that has no effect on his actual life can give him so much anxiety-- and I think we can all probably relate to that as Chicago Bears fans.  Especially when their 2014 season is likely on the line tonight.

In the spirit of David Letterman, here are the top-10 reasons why Kev H. has had so much anxiety this week (and especially today):

10. The Bears vs Packers game will be on national television, in prime time. If the Bears lose, especially if they totally poop the bed, it's even more embarrassing when it happens on a national stage.

9. Marc Trestman has has an extra week to study (good thing or bad thing?).

8. The Bears are continuing to lose players to injury.

7. The Packers are really good.

6. The game is at Lambeau Field.

5. Aaron Rodgers

4. Jay Cutler

3. Missing Craig Steltz. Kev has been adamant that the Bears secondary and special teams would be exponentially better had the Bears not released Steltz back in August.

2. Internet commenters.  Kev doesn't do well when he peruses websites outside of WCG, especially when he sees Chicago Bears fans wanting to fire the entire coaching staff mid-season. Like, who would coach the team if that happened?

1. And the top reason why Kev has had anxiety all week long, and most especially today: If the Bears lose to the Packers on Sunday Night Football, their season is pretty much lost.

We'll be back with our Game Threads right before kickoff... Until then, make sure to like our WCG Facebook page and peruse our Bears vs Packers Storystream.

This is your Bears vs Packers Pregame Open Thread... Have fun!