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Quick Recap: Bears embarrassed by Packers at Lambeau, lose 55-14

The Chicago Bears had two weeks to prepare for the Green Bay Packers. And they got absolutely embarrassed.

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Jonathan Daniel

The Chicago Bears had two weeks to prepare for the Green Bay Packers, with their Bye coming a week after being embarrassed by the New England Patriots and dropping to 3-5 on the season.  A good time to let wounds heal, shake off the stink of starting the year surprisingly badly, and take an extra week to study and prepare.

But, these Chicago Bears are a different breed than we are used to in the Windy City. With a roster full of talent, these Chicago  Bears have managed to not only lose games that they should have won, but have been embarrassed in the process.  Twice by the Packers, once by the Patriots, and once by the Dolphins. And they're winless at home so far this season.

With their season likely on the line in Green Bay this week-- that week where they healed up and had extra time to prepare-- they played one of the worst games they've ever played in franchise history, only a week after playing one of the worst games they'd ever played in franchise history.

At the end of it all, the Bears lost to Green Bay by a score of 55-14.

There are stats-- lots and lots of stats-- that will illustrate how there were many franchise worsts this game, and accumulating over the season. Stats like "The only time a team gave up 50+ 2 games in a row? 1923."

And stats like "Last game [vs the Patriots], the #Bears gave up more points in one half than ever in franchise history. That was 38 points. And then tonight..."

But we won't go there. At least not tonight.

Tonight we'll just pretend like this isn't happening, and remember fondly the days where we held our heads up proudly because we were fans of the Chicago Bears. Remember those days?

That was a long time ago...

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