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Crying Kromer is latest thorn in the Chicago Bears paw

It truly is time to remove that bush full of thorns.

Aaron Kromer, pre-cry.
Aaron Kromer, pre-cry.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, you'll recall, Ian Rapoport was reporting that there was a case of buyer's remorse regarding Jay Cutler's offseason deal. This led to a lot of discussion at this site, other sites, on Brandon Marshall's radio show, and others. Rapoport also included a tidbit about how Cutler's refusal to check out of bad run plays has killed the team.

Well yesterday, we found out exactly who it was that let Ian know about it.

In a stunning piece of reporting from Chicago Tribune reporter Brad Biggs last night, it turns out that the source of that tidbit was none other than offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer. Also noteworthy, the team and players have known that since Monday. Says the Biggs article:

...Monday in a meeting room at Halas Hall when offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer made an emotional and tearful apology for criticizing the quarterback in a private conversation at Soldier Field with an NFL Network reporter last week.

Four sources told the Tribune that Kromer adamantly denied he said anything about the franchise having buyer's remorse for Cutler's blockbuster contract and assured players that portion of Sunday's report on NFL Network did not come from him. With Cutler in the room, Kromer did admit however to being frustrated with the quarterback's play management and expressing that to Ian Rapoport as he left Soldier Field on Dec. 4 after the fifth loss in seven games.

Cutler shook his head during Kromer's apology, one source said.

Additionally, Kromer went on to take ownership of the comments about checking out of run plays.

This is insane. It is an indictment of this franchise, and where the current leadership is at. It is an indictment of where the mental state of this team is at. Brandon Marshall made his comments after this meeting would have happened. It is so ridiculous that the person at the center of it can do nothing but shake his head.

"I'm still kind of trying to sort my way through this to be honest," one player said. "It's one of the most (messed) up things I have ever seen."

"It's a (messed) up situation," another player said.

Kromer should have been fired Monday. He broke the trust of the players, the other coaches, and the team leadership. This is damning evidence, and it shows how little control Trestman has on this staff and this locker room. The inmates run the facility now.

It is time for a near-full teardown of this team. Ownership needs to step in and start over. Start with Emery and work your way down the list.  They are unlikely to do this, however, because they won't be willing to pay two head coaches so soon after paying two head coaches.

There'll be press conferences today. Everyone will be ready to send off the standard "sometimes things happen on a team, but we're strong, we'll work through it together." And several will lose their jobs on December 29th. It's a (messed) up situation, indeed.

But hey, I bet they have a REALLY GREAT DAY OF PRACTICE TODAY.