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Bears Vs Saints: Six-Pack Keys to Victory

The 5-8 Bears take on the 5-8 Saints. We're looking at ways the Bears can take win number six on the season.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

1) Carries for Ka'Deem

No, this isn't the "Everything Hinges on Ka'Deem Carey" comment. But it is the "The Saints run defense is really not good and the Bears could use additional carries for Carey and Matt Forte and do some damage on the ground" comment. Also the "The Bears really could afford to run more" comment and the "Why haven't they run the ball more."

2) YAC

YAC isn't just the first syllable's pronunciation of Yakity Sax, which perfectly describes this Bears' season. It's also something that really could help the Bears' passing offense, because for as much as their screen game gets lampooned, the Bears can make some plays running the ball in space. The Saints do not make good open field stops, and the Bears can get the ball to Matt Forte and Alshon Jeffery with good blocking in front of them.

3) The Saints' Deep Throws

Drew Brees is really, pretty good, dontcha know. Brees' numbers may not be cumulatively where they usually are, but the rate stats are all right where they should be, and he's still having a pretty good year. And the Saints have gotten some very good mileage out of their deep passing game, which, against a suspect Bears secondary (I'm being generous), that could pose problems. The Bears' coverage game will have to be able to stick downfield and stick to Kenny Stills and Marques Colston.

4) Jimmy Graham

And that includes Jimmy Graham, who had to have taken notice of what Rob Gronkowski did to the Bears just over a month ago. Graham has been fighting a shoulder injury much of the year, but is still very dangerous, and especially with the Bears' linebackers and safeties as they are, the Bears could be in some serious trouble.

5) Cameron Jordan

Junior Galette is questionable for this week's game, but Cameron Jordan's the other half of a very good pass-rushing duo, and if Galette's out, the Bears will have to know where Jordan (and Galette) is at basically all times. A bit of extra chip work and double-teaming the Saints' pass rushers is in line, as no one else has really stepped up to chip in more than three sacks. If the Bears get even a little bit of time, they should be able to make some plays down the field.

6) Trust Jay Cutler

So, I have a couple issues with both Aaron Kromer's leak about Cutler and about how offensive games have been called in the short times they've mattered. When it was reported the Bears would have benched Cutler for Jimmy Clausen had the backup not been Clausen, they're effectively saying the Bears' quarterback depth chart is one deep. Which is fine, but if you aren't going to swap in the second quarterback, why is he even on the roster? And why is the playcalling going to be neutered in that case anyway?

If you don't trust Jay Cutler, fine. If you don't trust him, but more than the backup, fine. But if you aren't going to replace him if you don't trust him, play him, and play him to the full extent of the playbook.

(I realize the Bears are done for the year, as far as games that matter, but as they still play a game, Six Keys will still be a thing.)